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Unlocking the Senior Civil Service

October 9

Entering the Senior Civil Service is difficult due to a variety of factors. The recruitment process is highly competitive, with a large pool of applicants vying for a limited number of positions. Also, the selection criteria are rigorous, focusing on relevant experience and personal qualities such as leadership, strategic thinking, and communication skills. Additionally, the civil service has a hierarchical structure with clearly defined career paths, sometimes meaning that promotion to senior positions is based on performance or tenure. The nature of the work at SCS level also requires a high level of responsibility, expertise, and knowledge, which can only be gained through years of experience and training.

Unlocking the Senior Civil Service is a unique conference offering practical help and guidance to those wishing to develop into the Senior Civil Service. It is specifically designed to give you the answer to two vital questions:

  • How can I improve my chances of entering the SCS?
  • What will life be like once I am there?

Why Attend?

  • The benefits of attending this conference include the opportunity to:
  • Resolve the questions in your mind about whether or not the SCS is right for you
  • Learn from experts about what you can do to improve your chances of making the grade
  • Gain deeper understanding of the skills, qualities and competencies required to be successful in the SCS
  • Examine the barriers and enablers affecting your progression
  • Hear from recent entrants about how they made the move and what life is like now they are there


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