TJ Newsflash: 29 May

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It’s the latest learning and development news, reports, research and company updates, all personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

Who’s influencing L&D? Report and webinar

Insights Media has launched its first research report – Who’s influencing L&D? – to explore who is influencing L&D professionals on topics including learning strategy, technology strategy and AI. The report also sheds light on the quality of insights they rely on.

The research shows that colleagues are the number one influencer (76% of respondents) when developing learning strategies, followed by professional institutes (54%) and peers (47%). Suppliers have less impact, influencing 25% of L&D professionals.

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40% of companies unsure they support neurodivergent staff

A new survey by VinciWorks reveals a disparity between corporate intentions and actual practices concerning neurodiversity in the workplace. Conducted among 227 compliance and HR professionals, the survey reveals critical insights:

  • Uncertainty Around Support: A significant 40% of respondents are unsure if their organisations genuinely support neurodivergent employees.
  • Lack of Active Support: Nearly a quarter (23%) believe their workplaces do not actively support neurodivergent staff.

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Overtime epidemic plagues workplaces, impacting employee retention and business performance

New research from Protime UK reveals the damaging effects of overwork and unpaid overtime on UK businesses and employees. Excessive workloads and unrealistic expectations from managers are undermining motivation, productivity, and retention.

Half of UK employees work up to four days of unpaid overtime monthly, with 20% seeking to leave their jobs within six months. The study highlights the urgent need for better workload management and a healthier work-life balance to improve business performance and employee well-being.

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UK’s Best Workplaces for Development™ 2024

Great Place To Work®, the global authority on workplace culture, has officially revealed the UK’s Best Workplaces for Development™ 2024.

The brand new UK’s Best Workplaces for Development List recognises companies making employee development a key part of company culture.  The listed workplaces offer employees the chance to better themselves, to learn new skills, and to progress within the organisation.

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Analysing survey results about Generation Z’s job search and career goals, challenges, and preferences

iHire has published a new research report, “Gen Z in the Workforce: Decoding a New Generation of Job Seekers,” highlighting Generation Z’s unique job search and career goals, challenges, and preferences.

Analysing the results of a survey of 1,093 Gen Zers and 252 employers in the U.S., iHire’s report points to a disconnect between this up-and-coming segment of the workforce and today’s employers, offering advice for the two sides to better understand one another.

34.4% of Gen Z respondents believe negative stereotypes will adversely impact their job searches and career advancement in the coming year, as employers expressed concerns with this generation’s entitled mentality, lack of commitment, and poor work ethic.

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‘You have got to lead from the front’ – heads of major departments on their need for digital expertise

The leaders of some of government’s biggest departments have highlighted the critical importance of senior managers developing sufficient digital expertise to enable them to “lead from the front”.

Angela MacDonald, second permanent secretary at HM Revenue and Customs, said that digital and data “used to be a thing that kind of happened at the back” but is now something all civil servants need to be tuned into. “No matter your profession these days, unless you also are able to be coherent and be able to discuss and have enough knowledge around digital and data, I don’t think you can do any topic – whether that’s policy or operational delivery or finance,” she said.

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Global Festival for diversity and inclusion confirmed for September 2024

This year, Dive In Festival, the leading event for diversity and inclusion, celebrates its milestone 10-year Anniversary following remarkable growth since its inception in 2015. With events expected to be hosted in a record-breaking number of 50 countries there will be activities designed to inspire the entire industry with high-profile speakers soon to be announced. Registration for events will open on Thursday 15 August 2024.

The festival will be held from 24 to 26 September 2024 and will embrace the theme, ‘A Sustainable Future: The Next 10 Years’ focusing on the critical role of inclusive cultures for long-term success. Set to broaden its global footprint more extensively than ever before, Dive In will be hosted in Greece, Belgium, Malaysia, Namibia, and the Philippines for the first time and will once again adopt a hybrid format, offering both streamed and in-person events.

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Employees addicted to ultra-processed foods

New research from Lifesum, the leading global healthy eating platform, reveals that 1 in 6 US employees consider themselves addicted to ultra-processed food (UPF). 

This follows the world’s largest review published in the BMJ, which showed that UPFs are linked to higher risks of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, adverse mental health and early death. 

“Our research highlights the prevalence and impact of ultra-processed food addiction on employee health. Introducing informative warning labels on specific ultra-processed foods can empower individuals to make more conscious dietary decisions. Additionally, employers can foster healthier workplace environments by implementing strategies like nutrition education, promoting access to healthier foods, and offering support for dietary improvements,” said Signe Svanfeldt, lead nutritionist at Lifesum.

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