TJ Newsflash: 10 July – workload increase, skills development paradox, sustainability and more

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The latest L&D news, reports, research and company updates, personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

Workload and pace of change has increased, says hopes and fears survey

In the last 12 months, workers say they have experienced rising workloads (45%) and an accelerating pace of workplace change. Nearly two-thirds (62%) say they have experienced more change at work in the past year than the 12 months prior, with two-fifths (40%) noting their daily responsibilities have changed to a large or very large extent. Almost half (44%) don’t understand the purpose of changes taking place.

Among more than 56,000 workers across 50 countries and territories, many say they are prioritising long-term skills growth to accelerate their careers amid rising workloads and heightened workplace uncertainty, according to PwC’s 2024 Global Workforce Hopes & Fears Survey.

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Employers and workers at odds on skills development

D2L, a global learning technology company, released new research today showing that while employers and employees equally recognise the critical need to offer and pursue skills development, continuous upskilling is not yet the norm for most employees.

New data collected by D2L and Morning Consult in early 2024 shows that employers and employees across the United States recognise the value of investing in learning and development for higher retention, productivity, and adaptation. However, employee uptake of learning and development offerings remains a challenge – and barriers like time, money and a lack of motivation can often impede their pursuit of new skills. 

  • 82% of learning and development leadership rank talent acquisition and retention as the most concerning human resources challenge facing their organisations today

  • 83% of employees recognize that ongoing skills development is important to their overall job performance, signalling a strong interest in continuous upskilling opportunities

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The end of the remote work boom… Maybe?

CMD Recruitment have been closely monitoring the shifting trends in the workplace, and one significant change observed is the push by employers to return to office-based work. This shift marks a notable departure from the remote and hybrid work arrangements that became the norm during the pandemic.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the percentage of remote workers has dropped from 38% in June 2020 to just 14% in June 2024. Additionally, 90% of employers plan to enforce return-to-office mandates this year, with 51% having already done so.

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What is the reality of the people profession?

As HR teams navigate a constantly changing landscape of work that produces an endless array of challenges and opportunities, Fosway Group’s partnership with a business publisher and HR events pioneer like UNLEASH on this latest iteration of HR Realities is much anticipated, once again. The survey opens on 2 July, running over the summer of 2024, with the first results and insights shared exclusively at UNLEASH World, their Paris event on 16 and 17 October.

Now in its tenth year, the research explores how HR teams are managing their people strategies in the context of uncertain economics, digital transformation, talent shortages, AI proliferation and shifting workplace dynamics.

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One third of people will stay longer at a sustainable company

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll looked at companies’ actual commitments for carbon offsetting initiatives. A surprising 66% of respondents said they aren’t aware of their company having any environmental accreditation.

Employee respondents were also questioned on how important sustainability benefits are when it comes to looking at the overall package offered by employers. A huge 72% of young adults (18-24 years old) said that it’s important! Moreover, a third of the British public said they’re more likely to stay in a company that cares about sustainability and has initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Work-related deaths rise

Work-related fatalities in Great Britain have risen for the second year in a row, new data released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has shown, revealing a trend reversal which British Safety Council says is a “cause for concern”.

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40 most exciting new L&D start-ups

An annual programme to uncover the most exciting startup businesses in Learning and Development, to help HR leaders see what is out there.

The crowdsourced research is run by Emerge, a VC fund focused on early stage investments in European EdTech start-ups. Donald H Taylor chairs its Workforce Development Advisory Board, which leads the programme.

The idea is to act as an innovation radar for busy learning leaders. Its a way to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, and see what exciting new startups have to offer.

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