Free resource: How to create 3D infographics for classroom training presentations


Classroom trainers - jazz up your presentations with this neat how to for great 3D infographics.


Download it free today.

TJ Media Pack 2019


Now available for download and new for 2019 -  The Training Journal Media Pack.

Free resource: Life skills library


The life skills library has been designed to be an easy-to-use and engaging resource that hosts a collection of bite-sized tools.

White paper: The digitalization of HR


This paper examines what digital transformation means for an organization’s people.

White paper: Five steps to engage your managers


L&D professionals actually have hidden allies who can really help boost learner engagement: our managers.

Infographic: 29 Learner Engagement Hacks


Achieve better adoption, engagement and impact of all your training solutions with these 29 actionable hacks. 

White paper: Isn't it time to ban training?


New white paper: Find out why emotional intelligence can't be taught in short, traditional training sessions.

Infographic: Workforce productivity


This one-page infographic will help give L&D a louder, more relevant voice. 

White paper: What you need to know about compliance training


This KnowledgeBlast looks at why it is important to pay more attention to compliance training.

White paper: Personalising training


Personalised online training is predicted to revolutionise the way organisations up-skill their employees.


White paper: Employer Branding 2020 pt 2


Are you ready for 2020? Will your employer branding strategy guarantee you'll hire the best candidates?

White paper: The real cost of bad meetings


Where are the decisions made that determine the success of your company? In meetings.

White paper: How to perfect your body language


What does your posture say about you? What about your gestures? If you want to maximize your impact in online presentations, you need to get a grip on your body language.

White paper: The new LMS and its future


Are you a HR or Training professional; or someone looking for a digestible way of learning more about Learning Management Systems?

White paper: Five myths about leading a virtual team


If the thought of leading a virtual team makes you sweat, you aren’t alone. It’s new terrain for many, but it also carries some common misconceptions.

White paper: Working from home – how to make it work


Mobile working–even from home. Everyone is thinking about it and some people are already doing it.