White paper: The new LMS and its future

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“If you are looking for a succinct and authoritative summary of the state of the LMS market and what is coming next, this timely white paper should meet your needs admirably.” - Peter Phillips, CEO, Unicorn Training

"An excellent treatment of the LMS market as it exists today, thorough without being impenetrable." - Richard Hyde, Director, Mind Click 

Use this white paper to:

  • Get a broad idea of where the LMS market is right now.​
  • Understand what makes LMSs succeed or fail.
  • Anticipate where the LMS market is going in the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Access expert opinion from a range of LMS and Training providers, from Unicorn Training – one of the leaders in the financial services space, to Mind Click, a premiere e-Learning platform provider.