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December: "How can we use social media to support learning?"



November: "Are all L&D professionals sales people of their organisations?"



October: "Can you really facilitate a group in a virtual classroom?"


September: "What business skills does the savvy L&D professional need?" - Emily Cosgrove, Cath Convery, Neil Martin

August: "Why is the world still obsessed with e-learning?" - Jennifer Lindsay-Finan, James McLuckie and Fiona Quigley

July: "What gets in the way of teams working well?" - Janet Webb, Abi Balogun and Steven Pritchard

June: "What are the current best practices in organisational development?" - Henry Stewart, Amanda Arrowsmith and Julie Drybrough

May: "How can we apply neuroscience in the workplace?" - Stella Collins, Gary Luffman and Margie Meacham

April: "The worker of the future - what skills do they need?" - Perry Timms, Ainsley McLeod and Blake Henegan

March: "Who owns talent development?" - Hesketh Emden, Con Sotidis and Phil Wilcox

February: "Online Educa Berlin presentation about Webinar Technology for Conversation-led Learning" With TJ deputy editor Jo Cook

February: "What are the essential coaching and mentoring skills that all L&D professionals need?" Darryl Howes, Fiona McBride and Madeline Paterson

January: "What is the future of learning?" - David James, Kate Graham and David D'souza


2016 Webinars



December: "How can we be more creative in L&D?" - Esther Barrett, Jeff Kortenbosch and Krystyna Gadd

November: "What can L&D learn about customer service to deal with our clients better?" - Sarah Cook, Sally Earnshaw and Niall Gavin

October: "In any learning solution how do you manage the tension between ensuring engagement for the learner, the L&D practitioner and the organisation's needs?" - Andy Holmes, Janet Webb and Sukh Pabial

September: "Is communication the most important competency for an L&D professional?" - Neville Pritchard, Issy Nancarrow and Con Sotidis

August: "What is the right L&D technology and how to build a trusted network?" - Elouise Leonard-Cross, Ryan Tracey and Paul McElvaney

July: "Development of L&D talent" - Peter Carlin and Laura Overton

June: "Change" - Paul Matthews and Nadim Nawaz

May: "Discussion about the pros and cons of assessment tools" - Jo Keeler and Lucy Standing

May: "Is neuroscience going to help learning in the 21st century?" - Amy Brann, Gary Luffman and Professor Tricia Riddell

May: "Who’s responsible for sales training?" - Tim Royds and Clare O'Shea

May: "Why should I use social media for my own professional development?" - Sukh Pabial, Michelle Parry-Slater and Con Sotidis

May: LAUNCH "State of the L&D Industry" - Sunder Ramachandran, Beverley Aylott and Donald H Taylor


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