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Our webinars are focused on discussions between the audience and subject matter specialists, who will be on webcam throughout most of the 60 minute sessions.

There won’t be a ‘sage on the virtual stage’ presenting 45 minutes or more of content, but there will be passionate, experienced professionals discussing topics, answering questions posed by the TJ host and raised in discussion from the audience.

There will be a vibrant text chat panel where attendees’ voices can be heard during the sessions. Attendees are encouraged to login to the discussions early, get their microphone connected and join in with the discussion.

You can also join in before, during and after on Twitter with the hashtag #TJwow


All our webinar discussions last an hour and start at:

  • 10am UK time
  • 2.30pm IST
  • 7pm AEST
  • 9pm NZST
  • 5am EST


Learn through conversation

Our free webinars aren't about lots of slides and presentations, only to have Q&A at the end. Our webinars feature one or more passionate professionals interested and experienced in the subject. They are on webcam for the hour and discussing the topic.

The TJ webinar topic of conversation will be what you make of it! We have a subject area (see below) and the comments and questions you ask will shape the conversation.


Get your voice heard

The TJ webinars are also different because we want to include your voice in the sessions. Yes we will have a chat pod and encourage you to type away to have a great conversation with everyone else attending.

In addition to this, if you turn up 15 minutes early (9.45am UK time) and want to check your microphone works, you can then directly ask your question or have conversation - just like coffee time at an in-person conference.

Also in our webinars we make use of the Question and Answer pod - a great space for you to ensure we see your question and we don't miss it from the chat window.


Jo Cook is the deputy editor of TJ and will be hosting the webinars.

Follow what's happening by using the Twitter tag #TJwow and by following us @TrainingJournal

You can sponsor or have your brand associated with our webinars by contacting our Business Development Manager, Malika Elouafi 0207 593 5606


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