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experience. We carried out interviews with leaders across the organisation and focus group workshops were held with 1,250 employees in stations. Te use of McKinsey’s 7S model

for diagnosis, and the focus groups, highlighted key considerations that were not on the radar for the transformation. An example being the need for transformation to start with leaders. It’s essential that leaders role model excellent customer services. Combined with benchmarking of other organisations, this helped us to identify the new skills, knowledge and behaviour required for the new roles. It also highlighted the fact that,

for true transformation, leaders across LU needed to be in scope for the culture change. We also

used development centres for 1,500 supervisors to identify detailed training needs for people management for the new first line manager roles. We engaged with station staff, stakeholders, trade unions, TfL teams and customers on our proposals to design an integrated and blended L&D programme for all levels of the organi- sation with clear outcomes and targets. Given the shift in skills and behaviour required at all levels of the organisation, the range of interventions used over

the four-year programme included: ` `


` ` ` ` `` `` ` `

Social learning platforms. Facilitated workshops.

Experiential learning using actors. 1:1 coaching. Gamification.

It’s all about me Age and education

49, with a BSc in chemistry and MSc in HR strategy.


Two children, Dwayne and Bola, and my partner, Tunde.


I’m based in the St James’s Park area of London.


I enjoy travelling, networking, reading and having a laugh.

Favourite place That’s easy – Jamaica.

Favourite book, film and music My go-to book is Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus. My favourite film is The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith, and my song is Dance

with my Father by Luther Vandross. Technology

I love the iPad mini.

A key source of inspiration is engaging with people to gain insights into their challenges, drawing on their thoughts and suggested solutions


` ` ` `

Peer-to-peer learning using 250 change champions and 350 technology advocates. On-the-job learning.

Psychometrics/insights discovery. Te strategy had to address not

just the changes in roles, but the introduction of new processes and technology. Some of these processes had been in place for over 80 years and, with an average length of service of 25 years, employees had been conditioned to work a certain way. We needed to overhaul our learning delivery process- es with a new, truly blended approach.

What’s next in your career?

It has been a privilege to lead a change programme of this scale, the current phase of which involves the transforma- tion of L&D and performance manage- ment processes. Once the programme is complete I am keen to explore new challenges in an executive director or change programme lead role, using my experience around change management and HR to support improved organisa- tion effectiveness. I believe the skills I have developed and depth of experience I possess are ideal for leadership roles in a number of sectors and I look forward to what the future holds.

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