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and creatively to deliver a very successful transformation programme. I also read a lot, I am currently

reading a book we issued to all our change champions – SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) by Paul McGee. Reading this book has been very helpful in helping me to reflect on some of my ways of working, most notably my ability to manage complex challenges while leading and delivering large transformation programmes.

What has been your lowest moment, and what your noblest hour?

I’ve had a number of low moments along the way, however I draw inspiration from the lessons each moment has taught me and the resilience I have subsequently developed. My team, my partner, my children and my network of friends have been a great source of support. Successfully delivering the

people transformation programme and receiving 10 separate awards, including three from TJ, in 2016 have been some of my proudest moments. Outside of work, I take great pride in the relationship I have with my children.

What and when was your career turning point?

Interestingly, my career turning point was when I was offered the role of

Playing to win

My top tips for success: ` `

Learning and development interventions should be based on business needs, therefore conducting organisational analysis, as well as training needs analysis, is key to improving organisational effectiveness.

` `

The business should be at the heart of shaping the design of training. Design with the end in mind and ensure evaluation measures are developed during the design process.

` `

Avoid off-the-shelf or sheep dip approaches, particularly when developing training to enable change and transformation.

` `

Be creative and courageous and ensure you pilot, evaluate and review new interventions.

14 | May 2017 | The 360 degree

“Alexandra’s passion, commitment and skill for people development is clear. She is unrelenting in her drive to see excellence in action. In spite of her busy schedule, she still finds the time to provide developmental coaching support to many like me, whom she constantly challenges to step up to the next level; an inspiration.” Mercillina Adesida, London Underground

organisation effectiveness manager within TfL. Tis newly created role within the organisation allowed me the opportunity to start a team from scratch, developing the team’s vision and its five- year delivery plan. Ultimately it was my chance to shape the path the organisa- tion would follow to improving overall effectiveness. Te role had a number of

high profile deliverables, including: ``

` `

Establish a business change framework, setting out the change management approach for TfL.

Produce a single competency framework to replace seven legacy frameworks, that would underpin the candidate selection process for TfL.

` `

Design and implement job families and career paths to empower employees to manage their careers, while providing a means for organisation-wide identification of demand for skills and capabilities

Describe your best learning and development experience

More recently as part of the transformation programme in LU working in collaboration with our partner suppliers, I and my team have delivered a multi award-winning learning and development programme. Tis involved engagement with

customers to fully understanding customer expectations and key requirements for improving the overall customer experience. Key things such as staff helpfulness, visibility and attention to customers were critical drivers for improving overall customer

“It’s inaccurate to call Alexandra a change champion. At TfL, she’s been a change warrior. She’s one of the few people I know who possesses the skill and tenacity to cut through an organisation’s bureaucratic jungle. She’s a shrewd operator and it’s been an absolute pleasure to see her in action.” Verity Fletcher, Interact

“Working in partnership with

Alexandra has been a real pleasure. She has that magic combination of strategic understanding with the tactical ability to deliver. She drove a visionary transformation programme by managing the numerous stakeholders in a

complex change environment. By focusing on engagement of key people at every step of the way,

she was able to deliver a genuinely ambitious programme that

supported real behaviour change.” Becky Hall, t-three

“Alexandra is highly focused in her delivery, extremely passionate and has the tenacity of a stubborn donkey! She is very visionary, but takes time to break things

down into bitesize chunks so that people understand her thought process. I have known Alexandra for the past six years, and it is

because of her that my team and myself are where we are today. Final thought: she is brilliant!” Marcia Williams, London Underground

“Alexandra’s vision has been central in driving more modern approaches to staff development which, coupled with her relentless enthusiasm for engaging people in their own transformational change, has made her a real strength on major change programmes.” Steve Castle-Mackie, London Underground


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