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money, then employees will stay. Make use of social media.

Make it your business to connect with current and past employees on LinkedIn and stay in touch with those who leave. It takes just minutes to drop them a note during the holidays and congratulate them on work achievements. Remember, these people are your talent, regardless of whether they are with your business or a competitor’s. Also, don’t forget the vital

role you played in building that employee’s learning and development. Tere comes a time in everyone’s lives when

If employees feel empowered within a company that represents their values, they will go the extra mile for their clients

meetings, on a plane or at home. So, use this to your advantage. If a business has offices in multiple countries, offering employees the chance to work remotely from other offices for a few days, as an add-on while exploring other countries at leisure (during holiday), actively encourages that all-important face-to-face meeting. Tis degree of flexibility assists in the development of exciting new career opportunities, while ensuring your talent is not looking elsewhere. Tere are many reasons why

employees choose to leave a company. A moderate level of staff turnover can indeed be good for a business, because it cultivates fresh ideas and new approaches. However, these skills can also be achieved through supporting individual growth and great teamwork. Yes, this will also make them more marketable and ripe for plucking by the competition. However, if your business is working smarter, offering more opportunities and not just more they’d like to spread their

wings – however, do consider that they may come back. I know from experience that an incredibly high percentage of employees do consider returning to a business, and

more often than not it is because they recognise their

fit with the values of the company. Fundamentally, retaining your

business’s talent is what gives you a competitive edge. Tese are the employees you want to keep, or have return. I know that clients don’t work with companies but the people within. If employees feel empowered within a company that represents their values, believe me, they will go the extra mile for their clients. A global company can only succeed if the culture from within is strong.

Christina Norton is director, associate relations and recruitment at Revenue Management Solutions (RMS). For further information about RMS, visit or call 020 3755 0960.

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