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measurable performance improvements, simplifying L&D activities across large organisations, and cutting training costs for clients by up to 40%.

New perspectives

But the size, age and success of Knowledgepool are exactly the reasons it can’t rest on its laurels. Exposing this seasoned company to new perspectives is essential – and the TJ Awards are a great way to do it. Our apprenticeship know-how is now forming part of this unique approach under the Knowledgepool brand. T en there’s Blue Sky, which is a shining example of just what a positive impact awards can have. Winning accolades has been a huge help in the growth of this people development business over the past 20 years. Without this sort of platform to share their results (often in excess of 300% ROI), Blue Sky would never

have built such an incredible client list in such a short time. T e Blue Sky team has been hugely motivated by recognition from its peers, and the burgeoning standard of its competitors has proved a great spur for creativity. Finally, the Fire Service College

brings a unique perspective to the Capita Learning Services mix. Originally a training function solely for the benefi t of the fi re service, the college has expanded as the need for knowledge of topics such as health and safety, or search and rescue, has grown. From police work to fi re prevention in construction projects, the college has spread its wings. It’s the sort of success story we hope to see emerge, in new and varied forms, through the TJ Awards. All of the above combines to

demonstrate why sponsoring the TJ Awards 2017 was such a natural fi t for Capita Learning Services. We believe that our broad range of L&D

specialisms will help us recognise excellent work in many diff erent forms. We also believe that our absolute focus on results will refl ect a rigour in the judging process that will rebound benefi cially on the whole industry. We’re eager to prove that there is incredible work already going on out there, and to indicate that it’s only going to get better. But we’re also eager to help disprove some of the limiting assumptions and prejudices that the business world holds about our industry. We’re all in this together. We’re

all striving to develop, innovate and grow. T e world is changing fast, and we need to prove that the world of L&D is changing with it. For Capita Learning Services, the TJ Awards 2017 can’t come soon enough.

Dan Ferrandino is a director of Capita Learning Services. Find out more at

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