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ment in, learning and development. And that’s a chance we can’t aff ord to pass up. But awards are also important

because they keep the industry itself accountable. When the best in class is publicly celebrated, it’s much harder to get away with fuzzy measurements and limp work. T ey fi re our ambitions to push ourselves. And they also inspire our clients (current and potential) to push for those better results as well.

The power of pride

Pride is a powerful motivating force. Awards don’t just give a boost to the organisations that win them; they can raise standards across an entire industry. Sharing great ideas inspires more creativity, leading to the development of new products, services and approaches across the board. T ose fresh innova- tions are exactly what the TJ Awards judges, including we at Capita Learning Services, are looking for when choosing a winner. And when we highlight them, we have the chance to set off a virtuous cycle of celebration and innovation – not bad for a day’s work. T at’s one reason we jumped at

the chance to sponsor the awards. Another concerns the importance of diversity. One thing I love about working at Capita Learning Services is that I get to see so many diff erent defi nitions and styles of great learning. As a group embracing fi ve diff erent

Brightwave, is revolutionising the way we measure results and demonstrate success. Capturing more – and better – data during the delivery of L&D programmes, and then using that data to drive smarter strategies, is where the future of the industry lies. Brightwave’s engine, tessello – a collaborative platform that designs customised, cross-platform content – has already won many awards, and I for one can’t wait to see the next big advancements in the L&D data and analytics space. Or take Brightwave’s stablemate,

G2G3, an Edinburgh-based company that drives employee behavioural change by using immersive simulations, virtual environments and gamifi cation. G2G3 operates primarily in the IT

services management sector, as well as in the emergency services, justice, security, nuclear and oil and gas industries – and if those guys can buy in to something with such a disruptive approach, there’s no excuse for plugging away at outdated and uninspiring change programmes. T ese two very diff erent examples

demonstrate that the entire industry needs to adopt a bold approach to meet the challenges it faces. What better way to get the message across, and build on the exciting work already being achieved, than by highlighting the best through awards? T is year, there’s a new gong in

When the best in class is publicly celebrated, it’s much harder to get away with fuzzy measurements and limp work. They fi re our ambitions to push ourselves

L&D brands – with the common aim to deliver outstanding performance results – we understand that there are multiple ways to achieve a goal, and they work even better when combined. It might sometimes feel hard to

get leaders, clients and colleagues to understand the vital importance of investing in people, but we are on the cusp of a golden age for L&D. New technology, such as the personalised, trackable learning pioneered by our own digital learning specialists

8 | September 2017 |

town: Best Talent Development. We’re particularly encouraged to see this category emerge, and excited to see how it plays out. As a company, having a robust strategy that will help you harness and grow your talent is critical; never more so than in an age when the generation gap can seem more like a

chasm. T is is a tough area of L&D, and it’s long been calling out for improve- ment. Are the standard qualifi cations and capabilities still relevant to our changing discipline? How do we address the well-documented skills shortage gap? How can we identify the unique needs of each business? Another award we’re particularly

looking forward to supporting here at Capita Learning Services is Best Apprenticeship Programme. T e introduction of apprenticeship

reforms and the apprenticeship levy have had a huge impact on the L&D landscape. Funding rules have changed and old frameworks have migrated to new apprenticeship ‘standards’ designed by businesses themselves.

Apprenticeships for all

New programmes, and a wider range of subjects extended up to post-graduate degree level, have also made appren- ticeships increasingly relevant across a wider cross-section of the workforce. T e combination of these changes amounts to the biggest transformation in adult learning that we have ever seen. It places much-needed pressure on the advancement of talent management strategy. It also highlights the renewed importance of L&D – not only because it improves the skills and engagement of the workforce, but because good apprenticeship strategies are now vital if organisations are to maximise the levy funds and turn them into an opportunity, rather than a tax. T is is a topic close to our

hearts. We have already fulfi lled more than 12,000 apprenticeships with a success rate of up to 90%. As one of the largest and most experienced providers of professional apprenticeships, we’re delighted to be supporting an award that will educate the industry on just how powerful and profi table these schemes can be. T e group is also backing the TJ

Awards because they’re an opportunity for every one of our learning businesses to learn. Each company within Capita Learning Services is a leader in its specifi c fi eld, and each team will be looking out for diff erent ideas and innovations that can push them to be the very best they can be. A one- size-fi ts-all methodology could never work in L&D. Each of our individual brands is encouraged to be unique and bold in its approach, and a big part of our philosophy involves continually looking outside ourselves for excellence in other companies and fi elds. Alongside Brightwave and G2G3,

we’re proud to encompass Knowledge- pool, Europe’s biggest managed learning services provider. With over 40 years’ experience improving the performance of learning across various sectors and for multiple global organisations, the company is renowned for driving


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