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We don’t have the money for video recording and production, but we do have passion, enthusiasm and the willingness to learn

Make sure the light is in front of a person when filming. Te camera also doesn’t pick up on the subtlety of light in the way our eyes do, so the darkness came out much worse on film than it did in person. You can read more detail on lighting and other aspects from Mike Clayton in the August 2016 TJ.3

First success

At the CIPD L&D Show in 2016, I broadcast 17 live Periscope videos! People watched live and others afterwards. I could edit the video together later, such as an interview with CIPD CEO, Peter Cheese. We then used the video the following year to promote the event. Te use of the small tripod helped with filming fatigue and made the video smoother and easier to move. I

also used a cheap £20 microphone for some of the sit-down interviews – it plugged into the headphone socket. I used it at another evening event that was very noisy and it was really good as it focused much more on the person speaking. “I think audio is actually more important than the image,” says Dr Mark Davies of See Learning Films, in our live Periscope interview with him.4

Sadly that microphone stopped working shortly afterwards.

Editing Te live videos were fun and garnered good feedback. I was building up some video files on my phone and wanted to make sure we had a slightly more ‘finessed’ versions for the website. Again, I needed the zero-budget option and Microsoft Movie Maker

is a free download. It’s intuitive to use for simple videos. I only work a few hours for TJ, so any time spent learning the software was time I wasn’t producing something. I imported the TJ logo for the

opening few seconds and made sure the website address was at the end, all in TJ colours. Te software allowed for adding a title to give context and captions for people’s names. Editing was technically easy; cutting

sections, moving video etc. Te art and detail made the difference, such as a fade in and out of the audio for more comfortable listening. A simple tran- sition between sections of video meant a visual shift rather than a jarring cut.

Too big for your boots After editing a few videos I got a

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