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Want video in your organisation or business but

can’t afford Steven Spielberg? Jo Cook shares the TJ video story and some key learning points

ecently I was messaged through our video hosting account by someone

saying that my TJ video “delivery needs to be better”. Yes, it does. But this person was charging £700 a day – budget TJ doesn’t have and I’m sure most of you don’t, either. While we don’t have the money for

video recording and production, we do have passion, enthusiasm and the will- ingness to learn. Here are a few things I have learned in the last 18 months.

In the beginning

By this year “online video will account for 74% of all online traffic” according to digital venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins.1

Te TJ team wanted to

share more stories, real life and personality, so video was perfect.

26 | August 2017 | Shaky start

Like many of you, we had no budget! Debbie Carter, then editor and now editor-in-chief, and I discussed the concept of ‘fail fast’. In other words, let’s give it a go and see what we come up with. Te equipment we had was just

my Samsung S5 mobile phone. Do you need microphones, lights and tripods? Well, yes, they make a huge impact on quality! But we didn’t start with those. What I did purchase was a very small desk tripod for mobile phones, about £3 from eBay. It’s about six inches and allows the phone to sit on a surface. I also use it to hold the legs together to make the video less shaky – it can get quite tiring holding any kind of camera device steady.

First outings

I started with conferences during the summer of 2016. I’d seen Kate Graham using the live video broadcast app Tis is a great way to get live interviews and conversations at an event out to our followers with no delay. Con Sotidis encouraged the use of live video, and you can read his feature in the September 2016 issue of TJ.2

Kate had also shared the tip

about an option to ensure you save the video to your phone, as I wanted to make sure I had video to edit later.

First failure

Oh dear. Lighting. It’s so important. Beverley Aylott gave me a lovely interview and you can hardly see her!


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