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Ex-teacher Dave Marsh is using bovine wisdom to lead an exciting new L&D business

photography by Louise Haywood-Schiefer D

ave Marsh freely admits that one of his life dreams is to own a Belted Galloway

cow. So far, so not-quite-normal. But it is a CALF of another sort that keeps the MD of KnowledgePool motivated day-to-day as he grows Capita Learning’s newest business. Dave developed the acronym (which stands for Challenge, Accountability, Legacy and Fun, Friends and Family) as a reminder to stick to his values in the midst of a challenging role. And what a challenging role it is. KnowledgePool uses innovative

technology and thinking to refresh the entire L&D process – from fully managed learning services to curriculum design, apprenticeships to digital management. Alongside the daily demands of leadership, Dave is currently focused on building new capabilities in data analytics, business intelligence, global supply chains and regulatory expertise – as well as rebranding the entire business. T at’s the C, A and L parts sorted,

then. But Dave is also a big believer in the fun factor, too. “It is really important for me that people enjoy

10 |AUGUST 2017 |

what they do,” he says. “At the end of the day, work is work – life is far more important. People need to keep it all in perspective and make sure they put their friends and family fi rst.” We sat down with Dave to learn how he gets the balance right.

Why training and how did you start? I began my career teaching maths and physics in secondary school. After fi ve years I left the teaching world to work for a large engineering company, doing business development into the Ministry of Defence. Quite a change! T en a few years later I was heavily involved with a multi-billion pound acquisition of another company, including a training business. T at was the moment I took the decision to join the world

a few words about Dave...

“David is a great subject matter expert, with exceptional commercial acumen. He is very

skilled at stakeholder management and it’s always been a pleasure to work with him.”

Ulf Bengtsson, Centrica

of apprenticeships and managed learning – and I never looked back. Since then I’ve been head of

academies for Centrica and British Gas, and now I’ve got my dream job at KnowledgePool. One thing that has certainly changed over the years is my view of vocational learning. Back when I was a teacher, having taken an academic route myself, I was a defi nite sceptic of apprenticeships. Now, having seen the incredible results they can achieve, I’m their biggest advocate. I am proud to say my eldest son starts one in September.

Who or what inspires you?

Great teachers can be incredibly inspiring – although I don’t think I was one of them! If you’re going to inspire other people, you need to have huge passion for your subject, and quite frankly my passion for maths and physics just wasn’t there. With training, it’s another matter. Everyone around me knows how strongly I feel about our industry. I am excited on a daily basis about the technologies, techniques and strategies we develop with our clients. When it comes to

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