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A TJ award can transform the reputation of an organisation and its L&D team – Debbie Carter explains


hanks to all those organ- isations who have already registered for the TJ Awards

2017 – nominations are strong but remember applications need to be finished and submitted by 14 July. Te awards categories allow a broad range of companies and individuals to partic- ipate and reflect the increasing diversity and scope in the L&D landscape. Winning any award sends a clear

signal from the organisation to its people – that it cares about what it does and wants to benchmark its work against others in the sector. External

at CIPD. He previously worked in the not-for-profit sector where his innovative programmes became news through his TJ successes. He agrees that those wins were part of raising his profile and helped him into his influential new role. Alexandra Bode-Tunje, 2016 winner of the change management and customer service gold awards, said: “Successfully delivering the people transformation programme and receiving 10 awards, including three from TJ, in 2016 have been some of my proudest moments.” Alexandra is joining the TJ judging panel this year. Another 2016 gold winner, Star-

External recognition leads to improved engagement, retention and productivity

recognition leads to improved engage- ment, retention and productivity. Tis in turn can give those spearheading these award-winning activities an excellent reputation both within, and outside, their organisations. As a past winner of two TJ

awards, Andy Lancaster is now head of learning and development content

8 | June 2017 |

bucks EMEA, produced an outstanding apprenticeship programme which won several awards. As Lisa Robbins, director of partner resources, said: “Te

Lisa Robbins

recent recognition we’ve received for the programme both by Training Journal and the Princess Royal Training Awards for creating careers for youths are testament to how the scheme continues to go from strength to strength.”

How to win a TJ Award in 2017

TJ is looking for applications that support best practice in learning and development; the applications should demonstrate that the programme or initiative supports the aims of the business or organisation and makes a positive and measurable difference to the organisation. Each application should

demonstrate L&D’s understanding

Key dates for the TJ Awards 2017

Closing date

Shortlist announced Interviews Gala Dinner

14 July

1 September Sept/Oct

5 December


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