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Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

‘value’ is in evaluation for a reason.” Employing new measurement

capabilities also enhances people pro- gramme success rates. Business expert Peter Drucker famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” To this end, rather than shying away from the hard numbers and data points that metrics provide, people functions need to lean into data in order to tell their case, with confidence and evidence. By HR and talent functions not only being held accountable to the C-suite but also to the results of their own work, people programmes are set up for greater success.

Show how people initiatives are strategic projects

As we explored in the first point, if one criticism for people development is the lack of clear supporting information, then data can help beef up that case. If another criticism of people initiatives is the lack of clear results, project plans that outline goals can help the C-suite to see people initiatives as

16 | June 2017 |

strategic delivery projects, like any other type of business investment. In his pivotal report published

by the Harvard Business Review in 1998 entitled A New Mandate for Human Resources, author and professor Dave Ulrich says, “HR should not be defined by what it does but by what it delivers – results that enrich the organisation’s value to customers, investors and employees.” When people leaders focus on outlining project plans, sticking to them and following up the execution with clear and compelling reporting data, it’s hard to get overlooked come budget decision time. Approaching funding project

by project can help establish the boundaries and expectations for delivery with all stakeholder groups. If you need to re-establish onboarding frameworks in order to get new customer-facing employees working at an enhanced capability in a shorter timeframe, say that. If you need to upskill emerging leaders in order to fill

upcoming gaps as a result of increased employee retirement, say that. Te clearer you are about what you intend to accomplish with the resources you are requesting, the easier it is for the C-suite to evaluate and respond. Ultimately, people leaders need to set up the expectation with their C-suite that they will be reporting back on the value of each project, and that the function will be going through the due diligence required to substantiate the strategic value of every project. Sales performance consultant

and founder of the Rainmaker Group, Chris Young, has said leaders should always expect and prepare for results-oriented questions from their C-suite. He says, “Expect questions such as, ‘What was performance prior to the training and what were the improvements?’”2

Keep research at the top of your agenda

Tere is growing research that supports the clear connection between soft


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