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Playing to win

Here are my top tips for success: ``

People, people, people. At the heart of every brilliant business are brilliant people. I always ensure I have strong, capable people around me who share a learning mindset and who will deliver and work as a team. I also need people with the confidence to challenge me when necessary, so I can continue to learn and grow.


Delegation. I was taught this by my boss 10 years ago when taking on more senior roles. You should focus on your core duties, rather than try to do everyone else’s job for them.


of L&D business. We’re able to offer market-leading, end-to-end learning and development services because we unite unique brands under one common aim, to deliver outstanding performance results. We’ve got Capita Apprenticeships,

across such diverse people that day, and the way we were able to tell positive stories and find common ground in preparation for the exciting new year ahead. It absolutely demonstrated to me that we are a group that walks the talk when it comes to building a climate where people thrive. Results become pretty much

inevitable when you understand the right behaviours and mindsets, and share a commitment as leaders to make them show up every day. I learned a lot from those

around me and I’ve already seen the positive changes manifest in myself as well as my colleagues this year.

What’s next in your career?

To grow Capita Learning’s brilliant group of companies. I’m very proud that Capita Learning is a new sort

the UK’s number one apprenticeship provider; Knowledgepool, Europe’s biggest managed learning services provider; e-learning experts Brightwave and award-winning performance improvement experts Blue Sky. We are just adding the Fire Service College and G2G3 which is all about immersive learning and simulation. Tat’s a seriously exciting portfolio to be working with. We have a very strong technological

base which, unsurprisingly, I think is very important, and everyone shares a voracious appetite for learning. Te world is changing so fast

at the moment and throwing up new challenges every day. But I truly believe we’re well set up to not just adapt to it but exploit it, and I think that capability is only going to increase as we grow.

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Honesty. This one should go with- out saying, but it’s underrated. Honesty will help you build long and trusted relationships with colleagues and clients. It may feel tough in the short term, but in the long term it will always win out.

` `

Autonomy and accountability. It is essential to build a climate of permission in the workplace. For that you need to empower staff to make decisions for themselves, and trust them to exercise their judgment about what’s right for their people and their customers in the moment. However, they need to be held accountable for those decisions, too. It’s having the two together that creates amazing results.


A bad decision is often better than no decision. I’m sure you know what I mean here so don’t take it to extremes! Mistakes are inevitable and can be great learning opportunities, but I can’t stand indecisiveness in business – it stifles growth.

` `

Don’t do things for the sake of it. As a qualification to the two points above, it’s important to step back and ask what you’re really doing, why you are doing it and how can you do it better or differently. We are all people of habit and we should take time to review what and how we do things more often.


Make sure the workplace is a happy one. When your climate is unhappy, you have major issues as a business. Happy people do brilliant work, it’s as simple (and complex!) as that.

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