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different people inspire me on different days. It could be someone who con- sistently delivers great results, someone who always meets their deadlines, or someone who just rolls up their sleeves and gets stuff done, day in day out. I know someone who raised their daughter single-handedly while holding down a great job in difficult times – that’s amazing. I have friends who get up really early

in the morning to go for a 5km run – amazing again, if borderline insane! One of my staff competed in the

Marathon des Sables in Morocco. Tat’s seven marathons in seven days across the desert. Tat type of achievement truly inspires me. And my family, of course. Tey are a constant source of inspiration and support.

What has been your lowest moment – and your noblest hour?

My lowest moment started off looking like my noblest hour! I led the diversification of a private company into a new service, which was extremely challenging but incredibly

successful. We achieved huge growth in the business, lots of praise, great salaries and lovely bonuses … until two years in, when growth slowed to more realistic levels, the business stabilised,

❝ The 360 degree

“Darren adds balance and experience to the team at the FSC. He sees the wider opportunities of collaboration and has a great network within the Capita organisation. A team player and a family man with a friendly approach and strong morals.” Shaun Kennedy, director of

I always ensure I have strong, capable people around me who share a learning mindset and who will deliver and work as a team

and someone was instantly brought in over my head. Te owners said they wanted an older figurehead. I was pretty gutted. Looking younger than your age is not always a good thing! On a more positive note, my return to Capita after 10 years away has made me pretty proud. I left Capita on good terms for good reasons, and a decade later I was welcomed back into the group with open arms, given autonomy to run a business, and supported all the way. I feel I have always built trusting relationships with the businesses I work for, and it was really warming to be welcomed back in the way I was.

What was your career turning point?

Taking a lead in the success- ful implementation of the London Congestion Charg- ing project was a defining moment. Tat was such a challenging project, one that many thought impossible in the timelines. However, the Capita team rolled up their sleeves and pulled together the solution and infrastructure in less than 18 months. A project like that involves a mind-boggling amount of work, everything from installing camera poles in inner London and designing new SMS payment solutions, to implementing a fully trained customer service centre. Te

12 | June 2017 |

specialised protective services, Securitas

“We have worked closely with Darren and his team in developing our training framework, ultimately resulting in a long term new contract recently being awarded. I very much look forward to our future engagement with Darren and the FSC, I am in no doubt that under his leadership the quality of delivery and development of our partnership will continue to flourish.”

Mick Osborne, deputy chief fire officer, Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service

“Darren has led the FSC through a challenging transformation process, as a result of which there is strategic direction, a sense of calm and fun, renewed enthusiasm and belief in the future. Maintaining an open door policy, Darren is approachable, ready to listen and welcomes new ideas. On top of this, Darren is a modest man with a great sense of humour.” Simon Collyer, head of UK business development, FSC

“Darren’s involvement in the FSC has brought dramatic, positive results this year. He has asked lots of questions, listened attentively to colleagues and acted decisively when necessary to facilitate a new era of collaborative working. There is a new energy about the place that comes from being supported, consulted and trusted to get on with the job.” Nick Akerman,

events manager, FSC

scheme kicked off in February 2003 without a hitch, and it was then that I realised just how much could be done when people pull together as a team.

Describe your best learning and development experience

Te Blue Sky ‘Create the Climate’ event that we ran for our middle and senior management teams across five Capita businesses last December. I loved the energy that was shared


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