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because the facilitators are also subject matter experts with real world experience, they bring current insights from the world of work to the programme.

The DPG approach is underpinned by research and current evidence into how adults learn best. In its latest research report ‘Transforming Formal Learning’, industry benchmarking organisation, Towards Maturity, provides insight into what makes an effective blended learning experience. The key is to use technology effectively, enable social connections and provide tech-savvy facilitators who know how to get the best from technology and face-to-face interventions.

The research also shows that organisations that successfully blend learning experiences include dynamic and interactive elements, vary the medium, shorten the sections and adapt storytelling techniques. This is at the heart of the DPG approach

On top of all this, DPG helps their participants embed learning in a number of ways, which the Towards Maturity research also shows to be highly effective. These include:

• Using authentic scenarios as part of the online learning process. 88% of learners find it helpful that the media for online programmes are drawn from actual situations.

• Providing relevant assessments 95% of learners find the use of tests and feedback help reinforce their learning.

• Making time to think 45% of those who have sped up the application of their learning agree that managers provide active support in the application of learning in the workflow (compared to just 8% of those who have not sped up the application of their learning).

By blending face to face and online experiences DPG has created unique learner journeys and it is these journeys that are equipping the next generation of learning professional to drive organisational performance.

The impact of great learning This contemporary approach to learning is really working. DPG participants report that the community-driven, peer-to-peer approach is having a real impact in the workplace.

Katie Adams, a Finance Training and Development Officer in the Civil Service, says the CIPD Level 3 in L&D helped her to create an immediate impact in her organisation by moving classroom training online.

“I have influenced my team to move some classroom elements to on-line workshops (Webinars) and the response from the organisation was fantastic with over 100 people from across the world attending each session. It just shows how much of a need there was for this knowledge and it’s great to know that my initiative reached so many staff members at minimum cost.”

The focus on peer-to-peer learning also helps participants build strong professional relationships that have a huge value back at work. As a result of doing her Level 5 qualification, Specsavers’ Head of Learning and Development for retail operations in the UK and Ireland, Paula Adamson, now has a stronger peer network.

“Aside from broadening my knowledge, it’s been great for networking and I’ve been really lucky with the people I met. Eight of us who embarked on the qualification together three years ago, who were working in similar roles, have built our own networking group. It’s a really strong group, and we try to meet up once a quarter to share ideas. And because I attended workshops in different locations, I’ve had the opportunity to dip in and out of other groups too.”

Learning, like all areas of the business, is evolving and that requires L&D professionals to evolve too.

Over the last 25 years, DPG has evolved to provide relevant, contemporary and innovative learning experiences for L&D professionals. The result? More than 6,500 forward-thinking, competent and innovative learning professionals helping to improve the performance of their organisations.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can develop your skills or those of your L&D team then get in touch with the team at DPG to explore your options– call 0330 660 0220 or email

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