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Developing the next generation of L&D professionals

Learning is a major talent management challenge for a majority (84%) of business and HR leaders, according to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report.

developing skills fast enough. Yet, as the report stresses, learning is essential for engaging employees, attracting top talent and developing long-term leadership for organisations.


Also, learning is changing because business is changing at a rapid pace. Several things are precipitating these business changes – technology, new business models and new consumer behavior. L&D needs to be part of these business changes, in tune and aligned with what businesses want

he report, based on surveys and interviews with 7,096 business and HR leaders from 130 countries, highlights the fact that organisations are not

How do L&D professionals stay ahead of the game? So how do forward thinking L&D professionals develop their skills and capabilities to ensure they are up to speed and aligned with their key business objectives?

Developing People Globally (DPG) achieves this by providing a wide range of programmes for L&D professionals at all stages in their career. Programmes are certified by the CIPD, the leading and most widely recognised professional institute for L&D professionals, which means you are getting the best available qualifications for developing a career in L&D.

Qualifications range from the CIPD Level 3 Certificate in L&D Practice and CIPD Level 5 Diploma in L&D Management through to the CIPD Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management.

DPG also delivers bespoke programmes for internal L&D teams including all CIPD Qualifications, the ground breaking L&D Business Partner Programme as well as the internationally recognised Kirkpatrick Evaluation Certification (Bronze & Silver).

Aside from the high quality of the programme content, DPG has developed innovative ways to provide unique and contemporary learning experiences, to be role-modelled in the workplace.

and need. This is why learning needs the next generation of L&D professionals, in order to support more agile businesses through highly responsive, pro-active and innovative learning. And it needs to happen now.

Performance focus is vital for L&D survival The new focus for L&D is performance – enabling and supporting individual and organisational performance. In its report, ‘L&D: Evolving roles, enhancing skills’, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says: “To thrive as an L&D profession, we need to evolve roles and enhance skills to drive organisational performance. This requires action from every L&D practitioner, to build capability in your function and gain stakeholder commitment for learning transformation.”

At the heart of this is the DPG community, a hub where more than 5,000 community members and learning experts come together to ask questions, share insights and learn from each other. This is a peer-to-peer, collaborative learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking and challenge. These are all core capabilities of a high-performing L&D professional.

The community is available 24/7 and gives you as L&D professionals access to all of the support networks needed to succeed. It is free to join and can be accessed at www.

CIPD modules are delivered through an effective blend of live and online workshops that use a mix of technology and accelerated learning techniques. This maximises effectiveness. Facilitators support all learners through the programme and,

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