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were not all able to attend. What a great opportunity to share the event and the occasion with all these people. I started wondering how something like that could be used in corporate or other situations. I can see how it could be very useful for a CEO chat or a panel discussion where you wish to field questions from employees or clients from anywhere in the world. As Periscope is integrated with

Twitter, as soon you go live with Periscope all your followers receive a tweet stating the event being broadcast and a link to join in and watch. Tis integration with social media is a powerful feature of Periscope and one that has seen it overtake Meerkat ( Some say it is not appropriate

that you film a live event or that it is not fair on the organisers and the other participants. Although I appreciate that point of view, let me remind them that the world is

offerings – to look at different ways they can embrace the available technology and expand the acces- sibility of the event to others. Tis is something we are looking

at very closely at the Institute for Learning Professionals in Australia ( as we start to put together a unique event for 2017. A proposed virtual L&D conference where those who wish to participate face-to-face can, and those who want to participate virtually can also be part of the event. Exciting times ahead! In addition, I believe those who

wish to work out loud can and should be using something like Periscope. Live streaming parts of a team planning day, such as a key note speech, can support the engagement strategies of the organisation and facilitate collab- orative working across geographically dispersed teams, while also allowing others to listen and interact if required. Te other platform that has revolu- tionised live video streaming and, in my view, has a greater potential for learning than Periscope, is Blab ( In order to explain what Blab is, I’ll use the fish bowl analogy – four people occupy seats via four video chat screens, one person is the host, aka moderator, who has control on who can join the video chat seats, and all others

Blab does video chatting Brady Bunch style

a smaller place. My phone is my world and my world is connected. My aim is to share my learning

whenever and however I can. So when I am listening and learning and believe that others may also benefit from the same learning, I like to share the knowledge there and then.

Expand the accessibility

Te opportunity is there for L&D conference and event organisers to think broadly about their

18 | september 2016 |

listen and participate using the chat facility on the right hand side of the Blab screen (see picture). Why do I think this will have

a bigger impact than Periscope? It centres on the ability to interact with a few people personally while allowing others to listen to the chat. Tink of it as having two or three

experts chatting away at a coffee shop, sharing thoughts and ideas and others being able to listen in. Now take that further and allow your audience to

also ask questions, live, using one of the video chairs or through the chat facility, and more importantly, allowing your audience to drive the direction of the conversation by requesting a change in the topic. Once again, all this is integrated

with Twitter and, with Blab, you can even integrate it with Facebook, so there’s an added bonus. Blab can play a key role in your next blended learning programme.

My aim is to share my learning whenever and however I can

All you need is some clever designing and creative delivery. Blab can also support a virtual conference with one camera spot allocated to the guest presenter, one on the conference audience and the other available to virtual participants to take up. How you use Blab or Periscope is

really up to you. What is important is that you embrace these platforms and take a good look at them. Ask, question and discuss how

these platforms can support your existing learning interventions. Tink about how these platforms can support your new planned interventions. Discuss with your team how you can use these platforms for your team interactions. Demand that conference organisers start to explore these platforms for future events. Take the opportunity to Periscope from your next learning conference. Watch how others are using these platforms, learn and explore. My advice is: embrace,

explore, enjoy.

Con Sotidis is a senior learning and performance consultant with LearnKotch Consulting. You can find Con on the following social media platforms: @LearnKotch. LinkedIn: Con Sotidis, YouTube: LearnKotch Consulting and Google+: Costa Sots

Note: Since writing the article, Blab has been shut down. We have been promised a new, bigger and better Blab – see https:// long-live-blab-d2f72449ddb8#.hwxhkap2s


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