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Award at the Harlem Film Festival. Public speaking is something that’s

always come naturally to me. My passionate interest in human behaviour and an ability to translate critical issues helps me to be well received, both by young people and practitioners.

Who or what inspires you?

People who bring new thinking, whether it be on history, marketing, high performance or social media. People like Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuk. Individuals like Malcolm X, who went from persistent off ending to debating at Oxford University, right through to Travis Kalanick the co-founder of Uber. I also get massive inspiration from young people who achieve their ambitions, regardless of their circumstances.

What's been your lowest moment, and what your noblest hour?

Working with a 13-year-old who was on a 15-year sentence for murder. He will become an adult within the prison

It’s all about me Age

My career turning point was when I was invited to attend UNESCO confl ict resolution training in Northern Ireland

system. T is boy, like many others, threw away his boyhood and sacrifi ced the usual things boys his age would be thinking about. Instead he will be in a room thinking about the life he took and all the things he will not get to do. On a personal level, losing my father has to be my lowest point. He was a single, Jamaican, economic migrant, striving to raise a mixed-race child at the time of Margaret T atcher when race riots were rife and there was no such thing as Sure Start! My noblest hour has to be

delivering public speaking training to 40 inmates, armed with nothing more than a fl ip chart and a marker

40(ish) Family

Six children, one wife and two cats Location

Originally Birmingham, but with a national remit


Listening to podcasts and I’m a wannabe coffee snob

Favourite places

Mecca – I’ve visited four times. It’s a place of pilgrimage and the sense of spirituality and refl ection has a positive infl uence on my work

Favourite book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Favourite movie The Usual Suspects

Technology All things Apple and Uber

pen! It ended with them quoting Aristotle and be able to use the Pathos-Ethos-Logos framework.

What and when was your career turning point?

My career turning point was when I was invited to attend UNESCO confl ict resolution training in Northern Ireland. At that point, I realised that reducing gangs and serious youth violence could not come about by traditional, diversionary youth work activities, but rather by creating safe spaces for transformative change. I was so inspired, I brought back the trainer’s fl ip chart notes!

Describe your best learning and development experience?

Flying out to Silicon Valley and training under Brendon Burchard, one of the world’s leading thought leaders around high performance, leadership, coaching and message mastery. To see a trainer hold an audience of about 500 delegates for nine hours a day over three days was amazing. He encompassed all the skills that a modern trainer should have – great public speaking, competent

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