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Jo Cook curates food for thought from TJ’s digital offering

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n the Forum this month a member asked for support with creative exercises on

communication skills for recruiters. Forum members’ support was fan- tastic – by suggesting looking at the potential presenting problems and focusing on the practical elements needed to instil behaviour change. Te session was run and reported a success. Read and contribute to the thread at

Twitter @TrainingJournal

My favourite tweet this month was from Peter Davies – commenting on our news story about Irish employ- ers launching a new national talent development programme. Peter said, “What a great idea. Tis is what the #apprentice should really be about!!” See Tere was an interesting conver-

sation in the weekly Friday morning Twitter chat hosted by @LnDCon- nect about Performance Consul- tancy. Tis is a process to follow to get to the bottom of a presenting

It’s always interesting to see what stories on our website grabs people’s attention

need to offer options to complement and support traditional training. Discussion took place about what

Performance Consultancy actually was and what L&D professionals knew about it. David Goddin tweeted a couple of interesting thoughts: “Perfor- mance consulting is not new (develop- ing perhaps) but is it the new ‘shiny’ for L&D? Another perspective rather than ‘shiny’ – is Performance Consulting in some way a reflection of the failure of L&D?” You can discuss this further on the TJ Forum

It’s always interesting to see what stories on our website grab people’s attention. Gamification is one of the technical trends that people are speaking about a lot. I attended a Google Hangout on this subject, hosted by Sponge Learning. Te report I wrote has been popular – it focuses on the debate about why gamification is a challenge in L&D and some ideas on how to deal with it, see Another hit on the website has been

Phil Willcox’s articles on emotions. Phil suggests that we actually can’t, and shouldn’t, manage emotions and argues that we should think differently about the concept. You can read about his ideas at and Phil’s follow up focusing on how to make changes in relation to emotion here at


We shared a blog written by Andrew Gibbons on our Facebook pages where he asked wheth- er the 70:20:10 frame- work was beyond the capability of most or- ganisations. Following a positive reply from Ger Driesen, Charles Jennings, a founder of the 70:20:10 Insti- tute, commented on Andrew’s view that the trainer role was not able to support informal learning. You can comment on the post yourself http://

Jo Cook is the deputy edi- tor of TJ and is responsible for www.trainingjournal. com/webinars and the on- line community. She can be contacted at jo.cook@

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