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The digital shift starts with you

L&D leaders of tomorrow are investing in their own development and preparing for the shift to digital by experiencing online learning first hand.


t last month’s CIPD Learning & Development conference there was a feeling that the long discussed shift to digital is already here – and

the industry is striving to find ways to keep up.

Training budgets and the size of L&D functions have increased notably over the last two years and are predicted to continue to grow, indicating a growing focus from organisations. Expectations and demands on L&D professionals have therefore also increased and many are struggling to keep up with new delivery methods.

According to the recent Towards Maturity report ‘Preparing for the Future of Learning’1

L&D leaders

recognise there are signifi cant skills gaps within their teams, particularly with regard to digital learning, with only 34 per cent feeling their in-house teams have the skills for live online learning delivery, dropping to only 20 per cent for facilitating social and collaborative learning.

I needed to become better at backing up my practical skills in L&D with a relevant and strong knowledge base

Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity comments in the report that the L&D professional: “needs to reinforce self-development and take charge of their own career, just like they advocate for the rest of their business. But it can be all too easy for L&D to forget about themselves! As social technologies become ever more pervasive, L&D cannot aff ord to be left behind and need to develop the skills and confi dence in collaborative learning to lead by example.”

In response to this drive for innovation and change, the CIPD has demonstrated its commitment to providing leading-edge development opportunities for the L&D

Reference: 1

profession through innovations including the Future of Learning development hub and fully online qualifi cation programmes, delivered by CIPD Training in partnership with Home Learning College.

One year on from the launch of the fi rst online L&D Intermediate programmes, hundreds of learning professionals are taking control of their careers and investing in their own development with this qualifi cation. These learners are seeing their own practice transform and gaining a new confi dence to drive change in their organisations.

Asked why he chose to undertake the qualifi cation, learner Ewan Laing replied: “I recognised that I needed

to become better at backing up my practical skills in L&D with a relevant and strong knowledge base. This course allowed me to do it in a way that suited me; collaboratively and online! As a self-confessed geek; I was drawn to the course because it allowed me to gain a better understanding for how my skills in learning technologies and digital learning can be put to good use and have a direct and positive impact on our strategies as a business and as an L&D team.

He went on to add that the programme “has given me a whole new enthusiasm to convince my organisation that a more social approach to learning has to be seriously

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