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he theme of this issue is change, which is very appropriate as change is

centre-stage for TJ right now. As you can see this issue has a new, fresher look – aiming to be brighter and more easily accessible – we also have some great new features for you too. For me the most important change

is the inclusion of new opinion pieces. As our cover announces, Donald H Taylor is going to be writing a column each month and as one of the best informed and connected

Donald H Taylor writing a column is a real coup for TJ

people in the business – this is a real coup for TJ. Don’s focus on the future of the profession has, for some time, attracted me to his writing and having him writing for us each month is a real bonus. Another new section is ‘Practi-

tioner’s viewpoint’. Each month we will feature a perspective from an L&D professional working at the sharp end of the business. T is month Rob Jones from Crossrail give his own unique take on change – not one to miss if you’re a Star Trek fan. Our fi nal page will host ‘Last stand’ a regular light-hearted look

4 | june 2016 |

at the world we live in. T is month our fi rst contributor Logan Murray warns us of the danger of being too rigid in our approach to change, well probably anything really, and encourages us to ‘be prepared to play!' Good advice for at least some things. Our very own deputy editor Jo

Cook launches ‘Cook looks’ this month. Here she reveals the very best from our social media pages. From Twitter and Periscope to LinkedIn and our own online Forum, Jo will provide her own personal review of the best comment and insights from the web. Following the success of TJ’s

Week of Webinars (#TJWOW) last month Jo will be hosting the fi rst of our regular webinars on Tuesday 21st June, and as you guessed the topic is change. T ese webinars will explore the theme of the current issue and will feature expert input, but will also be an opportunity for our community to engage with us, and each other, to improve L&D practice. Find out more at Finally, don’t forget the closing

date for applications to the TJ Awards 2016 is Wednesday 22nd June. If you haven’t submitted your entry yet don’t delay. Visit www. to submit your application online.


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