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can feel like. I see similar impacts in organisations when people don’t feel heard and the transformation that occurs when they do, so I work to give the unheard the power to speak. I’m inspired and motivated by the

challenge and potential of making a difference and helping create sustainable organisations where people can thrive and I can bring out the best in them. Colleagues and other practition- ers also inspire me. Working with like-minded people who are passion- ate about what they do, inspire me to be my best and help me to grow. I also identify with the purpose and ambition of our consulting company: ‘transforming people’s experience of work’. It helps frame the part I play in building the OD practice to fulfil that ambition.

What has been your lowest mo- ment, and what your noblest hour?

My lowest moments all relate to the ending of different chapters of my life and the painful realisation things couldn’t, and wouldn’t, be the same again: the loss of loved ones, leaving Body Shop, leaving Raleigh International and Namibia, ending personal and professional relation- ships. Knowing intellectually that endings need to happen to make space for new beginnings to emerge doesn't make them any less painful. My noblest hour was the opening

ceremony for the first school I was responsible for building with Raleigh International in the remote village of Epembe in northwest Namibia. I feel a surge of emotion and pride when I remember the look on the faces of the children’s parents and head teacher, when we cut the ribbon and opened the doors. Te celebrations, singing, and dancing went on all evening. Te young volunteers who built the school were bursting with pride; smiling and laughing through the dust and dirt on their faces as they took precious photographs to capture every moment.

What and when was your career turning point?

I’ve had more than one career, so there’s are a number of sig- nificant turning points. Being promoted to head of

UK Operations at Body Shop and

being asked to change head office to become more store-focused. Tis was one of those times someone saw potential in me that I hadn’t seen, and it became my first internal change project. My first attempts went very wrong and triggered my curiosity in change management. Leaving Body Shop to study for

my MBA and starting my first change manage- ment consultancy. Studying was a big step, as I’d not done an under- graduate degree. Volun-

It’s all about me

Age 54


MBA, MSc in Organisational Change, and Institute of

Behavioural Studies NTL OD Practitioner


Divorced; loving my role as aunt, great-aunt and godmother. I’m the youngest of six siblings so am surrounded by nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews.

Location With niece

teering for three months with Raleigh Inter- national in Namibia and then stay- ing to become country director. Meeting

Dr Mee Yan Cheung Judge, which led to my joining the NTL OD Certificate Programme in 2009, starting my OD career, and finding my pro- fessional and spiritual home. Undertaking my MSc in or-


ganisational change, deepening my practice and academic learning. Te reflective practices I learnt help me achieve a deeper understanding of how I ‘use’ myself in my work.

Describe your best learning and development experience?

My best personal learning experience was being Raleigh International’s Namibia country director. Lead- ing numerous expeditions each with 100 young people – camp- ing in the desert, cooking on open fires and living with remote com- munities taught me more about myself and my impact on others than any formal learning experience. I learnt group dynamics, leadership, resilience, personal agility and humanity – and how to create

Namibia environ- mental project

Work – wherever my clients are based in the UK, Europe or beyond. Home – Lymington, New Forest.


Sailing (on the Solent, and anywhere in the sunshine), yoga, meditation and walking

Favourite places

Braye Beach, Alderney; the Dorset and Devon coast; and anywhere in Namibia


I’ve always got numerous books on the go, and collect them like a magpie. They sit in piles beside my bed and in my office. At any one time I’ll be dipping in and out of a few business-related books and always have a fiction

novel on the go on my Kindle. My current business book is Dialogic Organisation Development and my current fiction is the final instalment of Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy Edge of Eternity.


Everything from classical (especially Beethoven and Chopin piano concertos), to jazz blues, and pop. Music sets the tone for my day and accompanies me through the day. I work, write, and design

programmes with classical music playing in the background.


I rarely go to the cinema and watch most of my films on long-haul flights. The last ones I watched and really enjoyed were The Theory of Everything, Steve Jobs, and The Imitation Game.

Technology 

All Apple, but I know I don’t get the best from it all. I definitely need to get more techno-literate!!

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