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if change and transformation is to be successful; involving those who are im- pacted by the changes across as much of the system as possible. Frequently, it’s the human dynamic that prevents a change initiative being successful. I also realise the people who

work in the organisation know more than me about what might or might not work. In this complex world there isn’t one ‘right’ answer; if there were, the smart people would have already figured it out! So my approach has become less

‘expert training’ and more guiding, facilitating and orchestrating others’ participation, because when people care about what happens in their organisation, feel they are being heard, encouraged and supported to generate ideas, explore the art of the possible together, amazing things can happen. After all, an organisation is essentially groups of people engaging in a continuous flow of conversations,

Knowing intellectually that endings need to happen to make space for new beginnings to emerge doesn't make them any less painful

interactions and sense-making. When you disrupt and change those conver- sations – either by changing what gets talked about, or the way they take place – there is space for something different to emerge. Tat ‘something differ- ent’ could be just the breakthrough needed to transform performance and sustain the organisation’s existence. As an OD consultant, I know

how to bring groups of people to- gether to talk about things they don’t normally talk about – and can offer approaches and processes that are helpful in achieving this. I believe, collectively, we can find a number of possible answers, experiment to test them out, and find a way forward. I’m always humbled when I’m

invited to create and hold a space for powerful conversations to take place – and by what emerges when I’m able to bring people together like that. I see

12 | june 2016 | the 360 degree

“Gwen is one of the most ‘learned’ learning and development professional that I know. Her eagerness to continue to develop herself makes her a powerful role model to those whom she works with — she practices what she preaches. Gwen has a calm and supportive presence, which provides a safe environment for people to explore their developmental issues in a deeper way. Her love for

people, her commitment to developing people, her deep knowledge of the field of leadership and personal development, her willingness to use herself as an instrument to intervene both in and outside of a development event makes her a pretty magical developer.”

Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge, Quality and Equality

“Gwen’s greatest contribution to her work is her humanity. She has remarkable intelligence and integrates that skill and knowledge to great benefit for all those around her. As a colleague she is unwavering in her support of me. She has the capacity to be both visionary and strategic — by no means an easy task. She manages this with grace, dexterity, agility and above all with a great sense of humour. She inspires those around her to move way beyond the boundaries of the possible. Fabulous!”

Keith Jones, Berkshire Consultancy

“Gwen is a talented facilitator with a great style which engages participants and ensures that the events where she is involved are among the most valued in Hitachi’s development calendar. She has a very business-focused approach and always positions our development programmes in a broader strategic context and adds real value.” Stephen Pierce, Hitachi Europe

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Gwen when looking to further develop my OD career and practice. As a mentor, Gwen brings a breadth of knowledge and wisdom gained from an impressive career portfolio, yet she shares her learning with great warmth, candour and humility. Time spent with Gwen is thought-provoking, energising and always fun!”

Kim Newton-Woof, University of Southampton

“Gwen is passionate about her role in Berkshire Consultancy and shares that passion with the team’s that she engages with. Gwen helps inspire the people she trains, and strives to focus on the positives of any situation, and the possible ways to overcome any perceived barriers that others may think they have.

Jason Winstanley, Hitachi Solutions Painting in Namibia Trekking

India yoga trip

it as fulfilling the potential of indi- viduals and organisations, and trans- forming people’s experience of work.

Who or what inspires you?

Te people who have helped me to be- come aware of my potential inspire me. Teir insights and advice have made a huge difference to my life, and I’ll always be grateful to them. So I work to help others discover their best; those ‘light bulb’ moments when they see their own potential and talents that are visible to others but have been invisible to them. Seeing people find their voice

inspires me. As the youngest of six siblings, I know sometimes it’s a struggle to be heard and what that

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