everything, from food and drink to the design of the room, can stimulate creativity.

It goes without saying that all the ‘kit’ needs to be included in your event, and there is a dedicated resource for the trainer, on hand and trained in what you are doing – not someone used to running weddings. Basics like desks wide enough to hold a laptop, chairs designed ergonomically (try sitting on a banqueting chair for eight hours and see how little you concentrate on the session) and great air flow – were you control the temperate of the room yourself (not the guy next door) should be standard in your choice of venue.

But more than that, delegates need to feel inspired and ready to learn from the moment they arrive. At etc. venues we use art, bright colours and contemporary design to ensure delegates feel welcome from the start. Whilst the meeting rooms are designed to be focused, learning environments we use quirky art in public areas to raise a smile and support interaction between delegates – research shows that if you smile you’re mind ‘opens’ and you are ready for learning. We also set out our venues so that on arrival the delegate can scan the area and ‘gets’ the layout – knows where registration is, where to get a coffee (for free, as you like it, and better than from the high street!), where the toilets and meeting room is – and where they can get help. Nothing is worse than arriving at a venue and feeling insecure on where to go. In addition, more and more we’re seeing

With regards to food, we all know that what you put into your body effects how you function. At etc.venues we see breakfast as a must for getting the delegate out of the starting blocks and include it in our delegate package. The secret to maintaining motivation and energy levels throughout the day is a combination of focus and fuel. Eating at regular times enables the

Eating at regular times enables the body to manage hunger more effectively, which helps sustain energy levels. At etc.venues we think about the lunch break

body to manage hunger more effectively, which helps sustain energy levels. At etc.venues we think about the lunch break, prepared freshly on site and focused on brain foods with slow-release ingredients, our menus are devised to sustain energy throughout the day and beat that after lunch slump. We’ve also introduced ‘all day grazing” – a combination of sweet and salty snacks, on offer for delegates throughout the day, so you can decide when your training session needs a break.

The choice of venue will effect the delegate, the trainer and ultimately the outcome of the training session, and you have every right to place demands on your supplier to achieve your goals.

the demand for traditional ‘syndicates’ disappearing – delegates prefer a more open inspiring collaborative space for breakout sessions. One that inspires, is flexible and encourages networking. The layout of the venue needs to suit your purpose.

To find out more about etc.venues and how they can improve your events and training experience visit

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