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Eamonn Eaton

We catch up with Eamonn Eaton, winner of L&D Professional of the Year at the TJ Awards 2016 photography by Naoise Culhane


amonn Eaton is a senior member of the Bank of Ireland (BOI) Group’s

Human Resources team with responsibility for developing, leading and implementing best-in-class learning, development and engagement strategies that drive the Group’s business performance and create value for the enterprise and its workforce. His career has had two distinct

phases, both within the bank. Te first ten-year phase was in retail banking where he was involved in all areas of branch banking, including lending and sales. In the second, the HR phase, he has held senior leadership roles in employee engagement, diversity, executive education, performance, leadership development and has more than 20 years’ experience, specifically within the training and development arena. Collaboration with peers and the broader industry is something he has always believed in and his passion for learning and development has seen

8 | February 2017 |

him participate in many educational and development initiatives at a national and industry level. Eamonn won the award for

L&D Professional of the Year in the TJ Awards 2016.

Why training and how did you start?

In the late 1980s, I had been involved in customer service and sales within our branch network. Sales was a new and emerging area within financial services at that time and my success was underpinned by a strong belief in the relationship model and providing my customers with the services and products that truly met their needs. Te bank was just starting to invest

in service and sales training at the same time, and I spotted an opportunity to build on my practical experience by joining the emerging sales training team within the bank. Within 12 months, I had really settled in and knew this was the right career direction for me and I expanded my training delivery repertoire to additional areas including

communications, personal development, assertiveness, people management and sales management. Progression through all areas of training, learning, development, education and training management continued from this point.

Who or what inspires you?

I am fortunate to get up every morning to do a job that I love and one that inspires me. I believe that the purpose of what I do is to help people find talents they didn’t know they had and achieve things they never thought they could achieve. Te other great inspiration in my

life was my parents. Tey provided the support and encouragement that helped me and my siblings strive to be our best at whatever we wanted to do. I was encouraged to compete with myself rather than others and this is where I learnt that often more is achieved through collaboration than competition. I think this has an even stronger resonance in the new world of crowd source learning, social media

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