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Examine your limitations

We all live within the confi nes of our limitations whether it comes to relationships, health, career, fi nances or any other area. We’ve got an imag- inary ceiling in our minds as to what’s possible for ‘people like us’. Again, we often look outside of ourselves and think bigger incomes, bigger goals and greater levels of health and happiness are only for other people. In reality, the biggest thing stop-

ping us from achieving the things our heroes do is the story we repeatedly tell ourselves about why we can’t do it. In 2017, entertain the idea that

maybe you are selling yourself short and are capable of much more. T ink of a child who’s told they’ve got

Taking space is the start of learning to trust and get to know yourself on a deeper level

learning diffi culties – that child is unlikely to ever attack their studies the way they would if they were labelled ‘bright’. But we do the same thing to ourselves all the time, giving ourselves disempowering labels. I’ll often hear people say, “I’m

not a runner.” Upon examination, it’ll turn out the person has never run because they’ve always given themselves that label. An early story I told myself was

we want to do and how we can do it. If you want a great relationship

with anyone, you’ve got to spend time with them and get to know them. But how often do we take time for ourselves and get to know ourselves? No one in this world knows the solutions to your dilemmas better than you, but do you allow yourself enough time, space and permission to hear the answers? How often do we consult with friends to get their approval on a

break-up decision, or career change? Taking space is the start of

learning to trust and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. It’s worth looking at your current daily schedule, being honest and asking: what tasks are there to distract me/keep me stuck and which are actually helping me develop myself as a person? It can be a sobering task but one that allows you the freedom and space to really start making some progress.

that I wasn’t academic and, as a result, I never really pushed myself in school. In reality, I was just lazy but the limitation that I put on myself defi ned how I acted from day to day. Identity is a very strong factor in change that is often ignored. Forcing yourself to the gym every day but still calling yourself fat internally will keep you stuck and is unlikely to create lasting change. What are the imaginary or untrue labels you’ve given yourself that are holding you back?

Get moving

It seems so cliché to say a healthy body is a healthy mind but I’ve seen it thousands of times fi rst-hand. When I became a personal trainer in my

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