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It’s all about me Age and education

55, my primary and secondary school education was in Synge Street CBS (now famous as the school in the

film Sing Street). After joining Bank of Ireland in 1979, I completed the Henley Diploma in Management,

Advanced Management Diploma and MBA, both in the Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin.


Winning Best Private/Commercial Programme with his colleagues at the TJ Awards 2016

Andy Lancaster of CIPD and TV's Kate Garraway present Eamonn with L&D Professional of the Year

I am married to Geraldine and we have two teenage children.


Born and live in Dublin. Interests

I’m a keen swimmer and road cyclist, and a member of Orwell Wheelers cycling club. I enjoy theatre and music, and I sing with the RTÉ Philharmonic Choir. I’m chairman of the board of the Chamber Choir Ireland – our national chamber choir.

Favourite places

presenting a business case to a senior decision-making committee to seek funding and support for a training intervention supporting a business change initiative. I had supported her in the TNA, solution development and proposal preparation. With literally 10 minutes to go she asked me to step up and present and she would take the supporting role. I was shocked, but in the heat of the moment, I did it. I realised afterwards that she had given me the perfect opportunity to step forward and orchestrated this to help further my career and personal development. I learnt the value of the 70:20:10 model early on and the importance of delegation, empowerment and the role of your manager in building your confidence and providing a supportive environment for an individual to develop and grow.

What’s next in your career?

I believe I’m now in my third career phase – the digital phase. Tere has never been such an exciting time in Playing to win

`` ``

`` `` Be yourself and always do your best.

Believe in the power of collaboration: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

You only get one chance, make the most of it.

Look beyond the problem and see the opportunity.

learning with the emergence and convergence of technologies. 25 years ago, you could never have imagined participating on free university programmes with people from all over the world. Te amount of information, knowledge and resources at our disposal through mobile devices is astounding. Finding ways to leverage social media, crowd source learning, create virtual learning communities and generate and participate in online conversations instigated by learning catalysts is creating a new excitement and energy for the next phase.

I’m lucky to live in Dublin as it’s a fantastic city and a great place to bring up a family. My favourite places to holiday are Ballymoney beach in County Wexford where I went for my first holiday in 1969 and my children have spent their happy summers, and Boston and New England where my wife has family.


Born to Ride which is the story of Stephen Roche one of the greatest Irish cyclists of all time. In 1987 he won the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia stage race and the road

world championships. It’s a story of determination, tenacity, adaptability and courage from someone who

started out as, and continues to be, a member of my cycling club.


I have wide and varied musical interests but particularly enjoy the Great American Songbook including Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter and also the music of Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein. My favourite pieces to sing are the Verdi Requiem and Alexander Nevsky by Sergei Prokofiev.


I really don’t like cinema or films and never even watch them on TV. I much prefer a live performance in a theatre or concert hall.

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