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learning networks and communities, and learning through collaborative project and innovation groups.

What has been your lowest moment, and what your noblest hour?

Troughout any 37-year career there will inevitably be ups and downs, however, I am a positive and forward-looking person by nature who focuses on the solution rather than the problem. I’m a firm believer in having a balance in life and, as long as I keep up my swimming, cycling and singing, and have the support of my wife and family, then low moments are just speed bumps on the road. Obviously, winning the TJ L&D

Professional of the Year and also the HRO Today HR Superstar in 2016 made this a very special year, however, from a learning professional perspective, one moment stands out. I was attending a university graduation

ceremony where a number of our employees were receiving their post grad university qualifications for one of our internally designed and delivered programmes. A manager in her mid-50s, who joined the bank straight from school, came over and hugged me. She had worked hard to put her kids through college, but had never been given that opportunity herself and, through her hard work and the opportunity afforded through our programme, had now achieved something that she thought would never happen. Her joy and pride in her achievement is just one moment that stands out for me through all my years in learning. Moments like this make it all worthwhile.

What and when was your career turning point?

I remember a conversation with a senior and wise colleague more than 25 years

The 360 degree

“It has been my privilege to have known Eamonn in a professional capacity for the last 18 years. He has been a key leader and influencer in the L&D community and is the exemplar for leadership in promoting best-practice and

innovation in L&D, both in Ireland and internationally. A true

collaborator, Eamonn has pioneered strategic changes in L&D in financial services for more than two decades.” David Storrs, hpc

“For well over two decades, Eamonn has supported the bank’s evolution through people development.

Having received his internationally recognised MBA through IMI and Henley, Eamonn has always brought sound judgment to his training strategies and interventions. IMI remains conscious that, when we work with Eamonn, we always bring our ‘A’ game.”

Simon Garvey, Irish Management Institute

“We have known Eamonn for many years as he helped us to

develop programmes and delivery approaches which were required in financial services. These

programmes had both academic rigour and practical relevance and have attracted many students. Eamonn’s approach is logical and student-centric – he understands what works for students.”

Michael Feeney, Institute of Banking

ago who gave me a new perspective on the value of formal education. As some- one who had joined the bank at 18 from school, hard work and determination could only get me so far. To really tap into hidden talents and realise my po- tential, a more robust approach to third level education was required. Trough her encouragement and the bank’s support, I completed my MBA at UCD and this was my career turning point. Te experience, network and diversity of subjects covered not only helped my personal development, but also cemented my belief and commitment to lifelong learning that has underpinned my professional career in L&D.

Describe your best learning and development experience

My first training manager was 10 | February 2017 | @TrainingJournal

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