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INTERVIEW The 360 degree

“I worked for Charles at Thomson Reuters where he pushed 70:20:10 when most organisations were still focused on learning taking place primarily in the classroom. He’s also selfless – providing support, assistance and coaching to others and is an amazing mentor and friend to me.” Andy MacGovern, Fresh Tracks Consulting

“Charles Jennings is a global thought leader who challenges the

traditional training industry to move beyond formal learning. His focus on performance and the business value of learning has made a real contribution to the HR, learning and development world. He is also plenty of fun to work with.”

Jos Arets, 70:20:10 Institute

“Charles has evident experience in consulting, speaking and in- depth writing. His promotion of the 70:20:10 framework is based on his own experience implementing it in a multinational corporation. Many organisations around the world

have benefited from the pragmatic perspectives that he provides. Charles is a true gentleman and I am grateful for his professional advice and friendship over the past ten years.” Harold Jarche,

“Charles Jennings is one of my heroes in this industry! Very few

have his pedigree, perspective and vision around where L&D is going in the years to come. When I want a grounded, pragmatic and thoughtful view of the L&D space, Charles is one of my favourite people to turn to.” Bob Mosher, APPLY Synergies

“Charles is a world-class learning guru who generously shares his extensive experience in a very

that “if you change the environment you change the people”. Learning is part of the solution, but building engagement and alignment are equally, if not more, important for change. Beyond my immediate work, I’ve

been inspired by people such as Elon Musk who is changing the way we capture and use energy and whose creative thinking and economic muscle has the potential to make our planet inhabitable for longer. Peter Drucker has also been a

profound inspiration. Drucker’s clarity 8 | December 2016 |

of thinking and writing has helped me navigate the complex nature of organi- sations. He has also helped make many organisations more human-friendly, which is his remarkable legacy.

What has been your lowest moment, and what your noblest hour?

My lowest moment, apart from some of the recent world events, occurred at the end of a presentation that a project manager and I delivered to a group of senior managers about 10 years ago. Te managers were overseeing the

practical manner. He walks the talk when it comes to learning and has strongly influenced our mindset in a humble way. It is a true pleasure to work with Charles.”

Joachim Nisgaard, DONG Energy

introduction of a new financial system. Te company was moving from Oracle to SAP. We had mapped out a plan to support the change processes with an embedded performance support system. Te project manager and I explained our rationale. We provided evidence that training people on


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