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All these events show that our world is in constant fl ux


s the year draws to a close, refl ection on the past year and some analysis

of the state of the industry seems appropriate for this month’s leader. T at old chestnut, change is

our only constant, doesn’t seem strong enough to describe the angst experienced by many of us when Brexit became a reality in June. Further political surprises

followed, with T eresa May stepping up to the helm in July, and Republican bombast Donald Trump’s election triumph last month. All these events show that our

world is in constant fl ux and that our leaders contend with problems of such magnitude and complexity it’s hard to envisage how they face the media with such confi dence and optimism. T e same problems face leaders in our organisations too – managing a behemoth like our NHS, for example, demands leaders of exceptional calibre and vision. And those leaders from public, private and the growing third sector need support and insight from within their organisations too – and much of this support should be coming from those responsible for their human assets: HR, L&D and organisational development. T e question asked again and again

in the pages of TJ is: are we up to the job? And the answer is, probably not! Recent fi ndings from leading research and benchmarking organisation

4 | December 2016 |

Towards Maturity indicate that all but a very small proportion of learning leaders are achieving the results their organisations need. Commenting on the new report

entitled ‘Unlocking Potential’, Martin Couzins, founder of LearnPatch and TJ Special Achievement winner 2015, said: “What are institutes, organisa- tions and L&D professionals doing to develop the skills needed to help drive innovation and productivity? Not enough, according to this research.” For those of us committed to

people development, this research is hard to swallow as it clearly shows that those in L&OD are not making best use of resources that are available to improve learning and performance. As Laura Overton of Towards Maturity commented to TJ: “For those who take no action but are just hungry for change; those who just think about it and dream about it and wish they could do it, it will take decades. It all comes down to whether you are willing to take action on the things that make a diff erence.” We owe it to future generations to do the best we can right now – we need to stretch and challenge ourselves, and our organisations, to do things better, faster and more innovatively than ever before.



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