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Examples of those forging the way

International provider

An integrated communications approach is being implemented and led by the internal L&D director.

This approach utilised strong internal networks and advocates to gain traction. Con- nections have been made with internal communications teams and the main driver utilises his previous experi- ence of working in marketing.

UK-based multina- tional banks

Multinational banks are starting to place significant emphasis on em- bedding learning in connection with strict changes in regulations. They are led by the fear factor inherent in non-compliance.

These campaigns are bespoke and taken on board as part of the

implementation of change initiatives.

❝ What we should be doing

Tere are a number of opportunities for both L&D departments and learning providers to meet the demand for campaign learning and implement it effectively. Modern content consumption and

communication methods have been moving faster than learning and develop- ment practices. Marketing practices do not replace learning delivery however, the approach of combining quality and thorough learning resources with a marketing campaign draws engagement, improves knowledge retention and in turn drives business performance. A marketing campaign to increase the impact of the learning and the learning and development department is a real solution to the challenges of engagement, retention and business performance.

Issy Nancarrow is MD of Campaign Learning, founder of the marketing company Nancarrow Partnerships and consultant for the Learning and Performance Institute. Get in touch via or go to

L&D specialists with a background in marketing are forging the way

Opportunities for learning providers Partnerships


Partner with marketing companies who understand L&D.

Bring in a consultancy service with proven marketing expertise to work with clients through the implementation and post- launch phase of new learning products and services.

Opportunities for learning departments Bring in marketing expertise

Bring in a partner to work on implementing campaigns. Source a specialist with market- ing expertise and an understanding of the L&D function.

Create demand Internal communications

In tenders, state the requirement for a mar- keting campaign to implement new learning resources and set aside a budget for it.

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Understand the offering

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Talk more with your internal communication teams.

Communicate more internally across the board.

Understand the internal value proposition of the L&D offer.

Understand the audience.

Understand what the learners are buying into.

Reference 1 Download the Campaign Learning white paper at white-paper. It provides an unbiased look at what Campaign Learning is, what is being done now and what could be done in the future. The report takes both the perspective of the learning providers and learning departments to provide an overall view of sector developments. It looks at Campaign Learning based on the key problems of engagement, retention and business performance.

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