Skills Matter

Skills Matter helps a community of passionate developers learn and share skills to write better software. We collaborate with the world's leading innovators in software and thousands of passionate developers meeting up at Skills Matter, to produce some 450 intensive workshops, 500 talks & meet ups, 2,000 hours worth of skillscast videos, quarterly Open Source Journal magazines per year.

Join our community to learn and share skills on leading ideas and truly bleeding edge technologies (from HTML5, Android and iPhone to F#, Clojure and Scala, from DDD and CQRS to RDFa and NoSQL and from Lean, Kanban and Agile Leadership to Software Craftsmanship and Agile Testing to BDD)

Skills Matter's mission is to promote continuous learning and innovation in software. More than 35,000 people get together at Skills Matter each year, everyone with the goal of improving themselves and our community. We welcomed 42,000 face-to-face visits to our talks, workshops and gatherings in the last 12 months and our SkillsCast videos were seen by several hundreds of thousands of passionate developers too. 

116-120 Goswell Road
United Kingdom