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The world of work has changed and continues to change. It’s not surprising that many of the old and trusted approaches to learning and development are proving less effective (and in some cases counterproductive) for today’s forward-thinking organisations.

At NKD we’re excited by this change. We think it’s time for training to think and act differently, keeping pace as business changes and evolves.

We believe that employee training isn’t just about sharing knowledge and developing skills, it’s about inspiring thousands of small actions across an organisation that results in a positive change for both its people and customers.

NKD Learning is a world-class team of behavioural specialists, training and development experts and creative marketers, all dedicated to creating forward-thinking learning and development. From Vodafone to AstraZeneca, Virgin Atlantic to DHL Express, we deliver for clients who demand groundbreaking solutions and lasting results.

Our award-winning learning solutions combine insight + innovation to release the potential of employees and organisations. This unique combination helps people learn and develop in surprising ways, with surprising results that really stick.

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