Visionary Leadership

Written by Debbie Liles on 25 April 2017

Hi, I am wondering if any of you can direct me to any information on Sashkin's five dimensions of visionary leadership. I can find some stuff on Sashkin but nothing specific to this. The areas are; clarity, caring, consistency, communication and creating opportunities. What I was hoping to find was a short article that covered this. Any ideas please?



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Hilary Cooke

Submitted on 25 April, 2017 - 13:57

Hi Debbie,

A quick search turns up some stuff that might be useful -  Sashkin, M. (1988) ‘The Visionary Leader’, in J. A. Conger & R. N. Kanungo (eds), Charismatic Leadership: The Elusive Factor in Organizational Effectiveness and an article at

Problem is that two Sashkin M's  (Molly and Marshall) wrote jointly, so you may need to do some digging to differentiate and nail down precisely what you want.

Searching on Google Scholar may yield something more meaty than ordinary search engines and also the leadership journals if you can access a university library at all.

Hope it helps