Videos to Disrupt/challenge Senior Managers' Thinking

Written by Jane Molloy on 4 May 2017

I'm involved in running a leadership development programme and we have included a session to challenge conventional thinking and introduce new perspectives, in order to think differently in a VUCA world.  The company involved is a mid-sized soft drinks manufacturer with growth ambitions.  It is likely that we will have a speaker who will bring in an entrepreneurial perspective, but I am also interested in sourcing some short (10-15 min) videos from other challenging perspectives.  We would like them to have a visceral or discomfiting experience that encourages them to question preconceptions and assumptions.  I have one or 2 ideas bubbling away but would love to hear what the creative juices of this lovely forum throws up!  Any recommended videos?

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Submitted on 4 May, 2017 - 11:52

Hi Jane

Given the sector your client is in, you probably know about this video: World's Apart by Heneken.  View here. 

Also try this: Cleaning the Pond, not the Frogs -

​I can't wait to see what other suggestions you get.

Best regards.



Submitted on 5 May, 2017 - 11:03

Hi Jane - I have been studying modern slavery and complex global problems recently. I was shocked to see that Isis have set up their own NHS Health System (ISHS). There is a You Tube video which looks very similar to the British NHS adverts. There are a number of potentially uncomfortable and perception-challenging angles to take with your delegates on this.... what would it take for me to join Isis ? Would I need to believe in Islam ? Live in Syria ? Have a sick son or daughter that needed medical attention and no way of getting them care other than ISHS ? Often we as humans will put up with exploitation and pain if it means that we and our loved ones will live better (food, shelter, healthcare, ethical employment, peace etc) in the future. Hope it's not too left field, Simon. 



Submitted on 5 May, 2017 - 14:49

Hi Jane, Love the use of video in these types of events.  I would go for a few short bursts as I find longer than a few minutes can mean a loss of power. 

There is a Jensen Button/Leiws Hamilton video of them building an F1 car without the engineers which is a good one - about stars needed the whole team to perform which I like.  Search You tube for it.

You could also set some homeswork before for them to read a short article (picked by one of the leadership team ideally that resonates with them) or watch a Ted Talk -one of the many- again that resonates.

Finally, have you thought of getting some clips from the busines itself? 

We did this in one client where we asked three questions and selected a range of people across the business to answer the questions in less than 90 secs, pasted the videos together and played them at the event.  Very powerful and you can choose the relevant questions and the videos don't need to be fancy - a phone clip and some editing was all it took. 

We loaded these on to the LMS and played them to the business after the event so they had more than one purpose and helped internally communicate what the leadership team had been up to on their offsite which can often be shrouded in unhelpful secrecy.

We asked things like 'What does leadership mean to you?' 'What's the worst mistake you can make as a leader?' and ''If I were a leader I would ...' the key is to make the questions relevant to the event and the business.

Hope that helps add to your ideas.  Good luck.