Training room layouts - What is the best for IT based training?

Written by jason ferdinando on 3 November 2017


We have recently decorated our training rooms that for the last few decades have been classroom style in terms of layout with users looking at a TV screen when required.

The only issue is as a trainer it seems like we are constantly talking to the back of delegates heads although we need to monitor what they are doing on the screen. 

On occasions at clients sites we have dealt with other layouts which my preference is delegates facing each other with the trainer at one end of the bank of desks and the monitor at the other.

Has anyone got any suggestions/experience on training room layouts?

Thanks in advance, 

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Submitted on 6 November, 2017 - 15:10

It's great to see you exploring new ideas.  Designing for function and creativity is something that is well researched and written about.  Of course you need to think practicalities too unless you have lots of budget to play with. 

Personally, I am not a big fan of rows of desks.  I find it creates the wrong impression and feeling in workplace training/L&D. 

A horse shoe shape is great but less space efficient.  You can walk around, people can see each other and ask for help from each other and also be more social. 

You might want to consider monitoring activity in a different way - a pre and post course questionnaire testing functionality and retention of info or reduced calls to the helpdesk post training as well as ensure people are focused during the sessions.  I am sure you do some of that already.

Why not also ask people coming along to sessions what works for them?  At work, having pods of desks allows people to work, ask questions and also concentrate so you could replicate that as well in your training rooms.  I'm curious to whether you get any other responses and whether anyone is super qualified in the design for learning space as it's something that interests me although I know very little about it.

Good luck.