The TJ Survey - please read

Written by Jon Kennard on 5 January 2018

Hi all - Jon the editor here. Happy New Year, hope you all had a good festive period!

You may have heard us going on about the TJ survey just a little bit - wait, come back!

This survey is our first of this level of detail (I think), and this is where we can really get to the heart of what's working at TJ, what needs improving and generally how we can make the magazine and TJ online the best it can be for our members.

If you haven't already filled it in then please do so, and then share with your L&D friends too. The more people we have filling it in, the more confident we can be that we are making decisions that the wider TJ community cares about and genuinely wants. The bigger the sample size the better, basically. 

Everyone who completes it gets three months digital subscription free, and goes into a draw for an Amazon Echo.

So - here's the link. Share it with reckless abandon.


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