Technology in L&D - how, just how!?

Written by Jo Cook on 25 July 2016

Hi all,

There's so much technology in Learning and Development, and the world generally, that it can be really challenging to understand it all, to keep up with it. I have a background of working with various bits of technology, and I find it a huge challenge. Some things can take our attention, one of mine is virtual classrooms, another is blogging, another Twitter and so on.

What about things you aren't interested in? I'm not into the current Pokemon Go phenomenon, however there are now conversations about the benefits of it, how that technology can be used in business, learning and other situations, so maybe I need to pay more attention.

Another aspect to think about, as we can't keep up with everything, is how do we build up a network of people that we trust for really good quality information? Some of that will happen fairly naturally. I'm working with someone at the moment who sent a tweet out about the project, but in a way that wasn't as public as you might think. I sent a private message explaining, so that's part of building that network of people. There are technologies I'm not too into at the moment, such as Virtual Reality, but I know that Donald Clark is, so I follow his blog and his tweets, as well as things like his YouTube videos or conference sessions.

We have a webinar to discuss some of these issues on 11th August:

In the mean time, and after that webinar, what are your thoughts on this? How do you find the people to 'follow', how do you keep up with technology and know what to select for the challenge you are addressing?

Thanks in advance for the discussion,
Jo Cook,
Deputy Editor, TJ

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Submitted on 29 July, 2016 - 11:34

I love the things that we can take from technology that enhance learning experiences.  Early last year, I attended a half-day on gamification run by Nigel Beaney -  and picked up some great tips on the principles of gamification that can really help with the engagement, motivation and support of learners.  Some of the stuff available via online is also great e.g. Ted talks.  But I too feel bamboozled by the plethora of stuff and the speed of change in the tech world.  I yearn for downgrades rather than upgrades!