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Written by Jim McLaughlin on 1 September 2017

Hi All

I am looking for suggestions for team games for groups of 20-50 people.

My clients often ask for something active and fun.  I've done lots - brought in musicians, artists, played simulations, created multiple challenges, treasure hunts - but I am looking for more options.  I am particularly interested in anything that promotes the concepts of collaboration and mutual dependency.

Any suggestions?  What's the best team game/exercise you've been involved with? 

Thank you all in advance


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Submitted on 4 September, 2017 - 14:49

Hi Jim, It's hard for me to recommend a team game without knowing the context and purpose of the event it sits within.  I'd start with that first and then devise one that sets the scene and serves the purpose of collaboration and mutual dependency.

If they know each other already, is it about creating new or deeper insights?  If they don't, is it about starting to build understanding and trust?  How much time do you have in total and what do you want to spend on this?   In the absence of that knowledge, I'd recommend a couple:

1. Plans and pieces.  Get a shape (I have an H, T, N, a Fish) and cut them into equal pieces.  Keep the shape whole on one paper and keep the pieces together in a pack to go with it.  Sit people back to back.  One has the plan, the other the pieces to make up the plan.  The only rule is the person with the plan, cannot show the person behind them the plan.  They can only describe it to them.  The person with the pieces has to assemble the plan in front of them without looking just going on verbal cues. 

It brings out all sorts of interesting communication styles, assumptions, frustrations and works on collaboration through establishing mutual understanding.  It's also good at showing how we usually need the whole picture to get the right solution.

2. The other would be find someone who.  Have a list of 20 or 30 activities or actions (you can ask people in advance for an interesting fact about themselves, something they have done or an interest.  Then draw up a list of statements - find someone who has jumped out of a plane, surfed in Cornwall, etc and leave a space for them to insert a name.  Ask the people to get up, mingle, complete the list with different names against each activity.

Hope that is a useful starter for 10 and makes sense on email!  Best wishes and good luck. Sharon


Submitted on 13 October, 2017 - 17:10


My sincere apologies.  My alert for TJ was turned off and I was not aware of your response.

Thank you for these.  My desire is pretty general.  I am repeatedly asked for "fun with a purpose" activities at team events.

Your two suggestions here are great - thank you.


Hilary Cooke

Submitted on 15 September, 2017 - 13:11

Hi Jim,

I was wondering if using some improvisation craft might be relevant to develop those concepts of collaboration and mutual dependency?

I haven't done it myself yet - but it's on my bucket list - to do improvised comedy with a group of brave souls.

Talking of brave souls... ask Resli - she's done it.

Clowning is also up there on my wish list. Have a look at for Marian Way's experience linked to Clean principles. I'm on the list for the next one of those!

I am not very musical myself sadly, but recently I went to a very interesting talk about leadership by a jazz musician who was making the point that one leadership analogy often used is that of the conductor and orchestra, but that to thrive in today's environment, leaders need to be more like jazz players. She was very engaging and I can dig out the details if it is of interest to you.

Also to spice things up a bit, I've been doing more un-conference type of approaches with groups - that model might fit too?

Hope it helps - anything to keep this forum alive and kicking (ass) ! :-)



Submitted on 16 October, 2017 - 13:50

Jim, no need to apologise.  Sometimes life, work and other things get in the way of responding to posts.  I think the functionality changing on platforms like this goes to show the importance of push (content, marketing, change, learning etc) as well as pull factors.  Maybe that could form the inspiration for a newly created team game! 

I often try and post here to keep the spirit of the forum alive although sometimes the technology and the changes to it, seem to be against me.  I keep pushing through, most of the time.  All the best with whatever you choose and hopefully you will get some more suggestions too. 


Submitted on 9 January, 2018 - 07:59

Hey Jim

This is the nice idea to team building activity employees learn new things to how to well handle customers and increase the ability to resolve the problems. know the understand customer pains point. These activity increase employees trust each other. we are also doing team building activities monthly basis we also hire trainers to train our staff.


Submitted on 9 January, 2018 - 10:21

You could try :

Team Building exercises 1 or 2 free to download at