A stationery query

Written by Andonella Thomson on 16 December 2016

Always a sucker for nice stationery - this could be a very trivial question for many of you, but I'll ask it anyway. 

I use a DeskFax filofax (smaller than A4 but bigger than A5) for my coaching clients.  This size apparently has been discontinued and I can no longer get the paper refills (life can be tough!).

So I now need to look for an alternative way to capture my client notes.  I'd rather not just use an A4 pad (although a divider for each client in a file, is one option) but just wondered if anyone uses anything interesting or creative? I clearly need the Christmas break because my brain can't operate with anything more serious than this. 

But I am curious, and I do need to find a solution; who better to ask....any thoughts?

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Submitted on 18 December, 2016 - 16:41

Andonella I love making notes in lovely books and I go to Paperchase and use their books to record my client notes for example http://www.paperchase.co.uk/stationery/notebooks/dream-a5-linen-casebound.html is a good example.

I also like Bureau Direct Having a nice notebook makes me happy so I tend to pick ones up when I see ones that resonate with me.  They always come in handy over time. 

Have a great, creative Christmas break. 

ChrisScott (not verified)

Submitted on 14 February, 2017 - 10:45

Did someone say stationery? I did float the idea of changing my title from Director to Head of Post It Notes - the response in the room seemed to suggest I stay as Director...

I keep my pad deliberately small, for me it just allows me to keep my thinking sharp and my then when i want to use my pad for creativity... i switch to an A3 sketch pad (or the whiteboard wall in the office) 

I'm far too late now to respond really, but who could ignore stationery?!