Performance Management case studies

Written by Anne Davies on 29 July 2014

I am delivering some performance management training in September and was looking for some case studies to use for  managers to work through, getting them into groups to identify how they would go about resolving them and so forth. Does anyone happen to have any case studies or exercises that will help to get those little grey cells working and to show managers the process to go through when coming across either work related or behavioural problems?. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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Submitted on 30 July, 2014 - 12:57

Hi Anne

I have lots of Performance Management case studies - one of which is a real life situation which happened to me a few years ago - it's a long one! I will change names.

Shirley has worked for the company for 3 years and you have personally managed her for the last 6 months. When you first took over the team you looked at her previous appraisals to find that for the entire 3 years she had been rated as below expectations at both Mid Year and Year End. There appeared to be several Improvemet Plans for behaviours and general work performance, all of which had been met. You have been keeping metrics on efficiency and quality and Shirley is an inconsistent performer which is coupled with inappropriate outbursts of emotion in the office from stand up arguments with colleagues to her bursting into tears at the slightest little thing. You have coached her regarding appropriate behaviour, spent a long time in discussing the impact her actions have on her colleagues and have gone through the Improvement Plan process, of which she appears to be terrified. Through 1-2-1's and general day to day interaction you are convinced that there is an underlying issue whether it be a learning disability or a medical condition - you have asked both questions outright and Shirley has denied anything. It is Mid Year review day and yourself and Shirley have met to discuss the feedback in her review and also the performance rating achieved through consistency checks. As the outcome is below expectations again you have spoken to HR regarding your concerns and an Improvement Plan and part of the meeting is to be used to go through this and agree a way forward. At this meeting Shirley breaks down and confesses that she has Dyspraxia. What would your course of action be and how could you help Shirley?

I have many more real life examples if you want them and I hope that the above one will help. I've used this one in Leadership courses around the performance management to highlight that we as managers should dig a little deeper to uncover the cause rather than treat the effect.



Submitted on 31 July, 2014 - 21:16

Hi Emma

This is great. Many thanks. Would love to receive any more you may have. Do you also have the real life outcomes as I normally get asked with any type of real life case study exercises "what actually did happen"?

Feel free to send the case studies to if its an easier way to send them. 

kind regards