Going back to being a Delegate

Written by David Armes on 15 September 2014

I had the pleasure of attending training last week, and as someone who trains for a living it felt fantastic being a delegate for the first time in almost a year. Not only did the training reinvigorate me in the work that I do, but gave me time to reflect on what delegates really want to get from a workshop.  I have written a blog (http://bit.ly/1wlDMrc) to expand on this, but wondered if any other trainers have had similar experiences

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Submitted on 16 September, 2014 - 11:38

Thanks for this David, I do agree.

From time to time I think it's good to take a seat on the other side and indulge yourself in the learning process, though this can also be done as the facilitator/trainer. 

I do agree that the emotional element is paramount - it's not always about what we have to offer. We need to remain relevant, connect more with the business, find out the challenges they are facing and adapt accordingly. Obviously our role is massive, we just need to make sure we tailor it as necessary. 

All the best,



Submitted on 18 September, 2014 - 10:23

Thanks for the comment Geoff

The challenge that I would be interested in your views on, is how do we get organisations to value that emotional space we create in getting their employees re-energised.

All thoughts/successes welcome