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Written by Caroline Eason on 4 January 2018

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.

In 2019 I will have to deliver IT related training over 12 different countries.  As I am the main training specialist, I will not be able to do this on a face to face basis.

Although we will be using eLearning, I personally don't think that it is as effective when training on tools and application used in IT.

The participants will need to understand what is being taught very quickly and will only need to use it for a short amount of time (6 weeks to 1 year)

Therefore, I am looking for some ideas of how to deliver this training, keeping in mind that there will be 10 different cultures and languages (although the main language would be English).

I was thinking that sociocultural learning would be a good start, but have not had any experience in this.

Has anyone used this type of learning and if so, could you let me know a little of your experience.  Or if anyone has other ideas, I would be grateful if you could share them.






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Submitted on 6 January, 2018 - 13:16

Hi Caroline

Not an expert of sociocultural learning so won't pretend I can help on that!

One of our clients had a similar project (although many more languages!), they focused on live virtual classrooms with the help of Microsoft Translate. I think this is still a bit around around the edges but offers consistent learning at a distance, translated for the languages they are supporting.

May be an idea!



Submitted on 9 January, 2018 - 13:34

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your response and yes, this will be one option for the training delivery.

Do you know if he was happy with the Microsoft Translate in respect of speed and accuracy etc?




Submitted on 16 January, 2018 - 14:43

Hi Caroline,

It sounds like virtual classroom training should definitely be up there on your list! I wrote this for TJ a little while ago and might be useful: https://www.trainingjournal.com/articles/feature/group-you-cannot-see

Using a platform that can offer the forum-like discussion for social learning is an excellent addition too!