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Written by debbie carter on 2 August 2018

Hello everyone,

 Our business-based live video discussion this month is about "What if your CEO doesn't care about L&D".

 Have you been in situations similar to this, where a senior stakeholder is a challenge, and what have you done to deal with that?

 I look forward to your thoughts,


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Submitted on 2 August, 2018 - 12:28

Hi Debbie,

Great question! I'm sure lots of us have variations of this challenge.

In a role a number of years ago our L&D team couldn't get the HR Director to report to senior management on stats other than bums on seats and happy sheet responses. Even though the HR Director kind of got the issue, the senior management didn't.

It wasn't directly my role to deal with this, but I saw the frustrations of colleagues. Internaly we tried to use some other metrics, but without the HR Director really getting behind it and making the case for changing this with teh C-suite, there wasn't much change, sadly.

As an external vendor I've had some small successes of consulting/coaching L&D managers away from the above measurements and focusing much more on some simple performance outcomes. That always feels like a win!