Another technical question...

Written by Hilary Cooke on 16 February 2017

...and another technical question. 

What do you all use with most success to communicate to discrete groups of your learners?

The need I have is to be able to use a single platform for different groups, possibly for interactive communication but also to put up interesting articles, pre-reading for modules etc. 

I want to be able to run as a series of closed groups throughout the year - so for example I could have a number of facebook groups, or Linked In groups (which I have done) but I think the technology has moved on and there might be a better way.

Also, is anyone using Pathbrite for learning sharing?

I am full of questions today!

Thank you in advance



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Submitted on 6 March, 2017 - 12:19

Oh no, there haven't been any responses here yet.

I'm sure there will be some bright spark who can help soon!

Resli Costabell

Submitted on 7 March, 2017 - 10:16

Have you checked out Practify?

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Hilary Cooke

Submitted on 8 March, 2017 - 09:07

Hi Resli,

You are a genius as well as a legend! (and a bright spark - thank you Jo)

No - I had never heard of it and as a result of your post, just started raiding the internet - and YESSS! exactly the sort of thing I was hoping might exist out there somewhere.

Do you use it yourself?

Does anyone else on the forum - please?

Also does anyone else supply tablets (the IT kind not the legal-high or psychotropic kind) to your participants on programmes? I am thinking of doing it for a particular programme, but want to check the ROI and usability before I invest that much cash to boost the learning. (and maybe drugging them all would be cheaper after all!)

I am starting from the beginning - so any ideas or sharing will be gratefully received.

Thank you



Resli Costabell

Submitted on 8 March, 2017 - 11:58

Alas, I have never used Practify. Nor have I ever supplied IT tablets to participants.

I'm sure you're on top of the main issues around lending/giving people tablets. Here's one that may not have cropped up: when they need IT support, they'll come to you.

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Submitted on 11 March, 2017 - 17:31

Most people have tablets or laptops although you might be working with a disadvantaged group and then I guess that might not be the case.  I love tech but for me tech has to be needed for and integral to the learning for it to be truly necessary.  I sometimes think providers go for an app or the tech as it's the modern thing, for me it still has to serve a purpose otherwise it's just nice stuff.  I don't mean that to sound critical of innovation.  I wonder if your existing website could provide the tech you need with password protected areas to share pre-reading or programme material for your learners.  If you do go down the route of purchasing then I'd be really interested to know what the evaluation and perceived ROI would be from your programme participants.  As usual Hilary, I'm impressed by your pushing the boundaries of learning.  Inspiring and got me thinking for sure.